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Player Profile: #8 Marco Pappa

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He does amazing things with the ball, to include stealing it from keepers that go wandering on the field of play.

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It is a rare player in MLS who has a disappointing season at six goals and five assists in 2,100 minutes as an attacking midfielder. Marco Pappa's return to MLS was questioned. Was the former All-Star and Fire great finished, or could he return to previous form?

He returned to previous form if you just look at crude stats. Six goals is his per-season average and the five assists are a slight uptick from prior years. He did that while winning Univision's MLS Player of Year. The only question now is whether he is a starter or not in 2015.

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Pappa has great dribbling skills and touch radius. His ability to play the ball if it is within a few yards is rarely matched in MLS play. His vision and passing are quite good. Marco is prone to taking long shots too often. He is a fine free kick taker in direct and indirect circumstances.


Pappa does a good job of applying pressure up the pitch, but does not drop as far back defensively as other "wide" midfielders on the team. Not a great tackler, but he can pick off the ball at opportune moments.


Marco is fit enough for MLS play. If soccer is tactical, technical and physical that third leg is clearly his weakest point.

Best Case 2015:

Pappa is fully capable of scoring 10+ goals in all competitions and could even challenge double-digit assists. This is especially true if he is starting more often than he did at the end of 2014.