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Tottenham wants you to know DeAndre Yedlin is, in fact, alive

It's been awhile since we've had a genuine DeAndre Yedlin update. There was that appearance with Tottenham Hotspur's U21 match back in January and then he got called into the United States national team camp, where he left a match with an injury. But that was more than a month ago and Yedlin seems to have gone missing ever since.

And it's not just Seattle Sounders fans who are wondering. Apparently, Spurs fans have been wondering the same thing, especially in light of the rather significant fanfare with which his signing was greeted.

This all came to a bit of a head on Tuesday, when a story started circulating in which a purported Spurs coach gave a rather simple explanation as to why Yedlin had kinda disappeared: He was just getting acclimated. Except, it turned out that the guy wasn't a Spurs coach or even a Spurs employee. The Twitter account he was using was suddenly deleted. Cartilage Free Captain has a nice recap of the whole thing here. Suddenly, Yedlin's absence started to seem kinda weird. Not X-Files weird, but Pushing Daisies weird.

I give you all of this background because it helps understand some curiously timed Tweets from the official Spurs account. They sent out not one, but two Tweets containing photos of Yedlin on Wednesday.

So, it would appear that not only is Tottenham hearing our concerns, but that Yedlin has actually returned to training and not been banished to some far off land, as some had probably started to fear.

Of course, to provide bonafide "proof of life" we're going to need a photo of Yedlin holding the day's newspaper... Your move Spurs.

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