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Sounders beat Revolution: Player Ratings

Obafemi Martins barely edges Clint Dempsey in the first community player ratings of 2015.

Mike Russell / Sounder at Heart

Beating the New England Revolution in such a resounding way inspired 800 responses to the community player ratings. The top two rated players were Seattle Sounders FC's best two attacking players. Clint Dempsey's two goals and one assist came in second to Obafemi Martins' goal and assist.

Stefan Frei - community 7.56, Dave 8
It's hard to judge a keeper that has so little work to do, but if Frei can behave like that for a full season the team has top five keeper on hand. His communication and comfort with a 50% shift in the backline looked clear. His shot stopping, though only a single attempt on goal, was perfect. There was consistent distribution.

Leo Gonzalez - community 6.89, Dave 8
Shutting down an attack as varied as New England's is impressive. It may have felt more impressive to me since I have Fagundez on my fantasy team and neither he nor Bunbury were effective on that side. Leo also got forward quite a bit, and helped initiate attacks. That's a bit unexpected from the aging left back.

Chad Marshall - community 7.81, Dave 8
Given more ability to range forward the Air Marshall shut down attacks before they could even entire the danger area. His shift to the left was simple and elegant. This wasn't the best we've seen from Marshall, but it is pretty awesome.

Brad Evans - community 6.28, Dave 6
Evans is still learning his role, nothing was more obvious than the mistaken pass that lead to the best attempt the Revs had on the night. On defense only he was probably a seven, and considering that's the most important part of his game now things are OK.

Tyrone Mears - community 7.47, Dave 8
Mears gets forward quite well. His crossing is strong and in future games he will never be given space like that again. There was a moment when he misplayed the ball deep in his end, and if I was to give a non-whole number he would be a 7.5.

Lamar Neagle - community 6.08, Dave 6
In what was a pretty typical Neagle match not involving the boxscore he played solid defense, made a couple pass attempts that if successful unlock New England's defense and made a few mistakes. A team of this version of Neagle would do OK in this league. Ratings for Neagle didn't show quite the extremism of past matches.

Gonzalo Pineda - community 6.71, Dave 7
Pineda did not unlock the opposition adequately, nor was he strong in defense. Maybe I expect too much, but without Jermaine Jones around I wanted Gonzalo to threaten much more often than he did.

Michael Azira - community 6.17, Dave 6
This may again be an expectations game. Azira's play was dominated by strong tackling and interceptions, but did not define the match. He failed to advance the ball effectively so Seattle's attack generally went through its flanks.

Marco Pappa - community 7.46, Dave 7
By now we expect Pappa to drift inside and interplay with Clint and Oba. He did that quite well. Where he really excelled in this match was with applying high pressure. That little bit extra pressure will help while Seattle doesn't have Alonso.

Clint Dempsey - community 8.53, Dave 10
I don't know what more people wanted to see. Clint took a defense that lost its best player but still had six of the seven best defenders on the team, including a normally dominant Goncalves. He ripped them apart, played some defense as well. I want to be wrong, because if Dempsey is capable of more than he showed on Sunday this season is going to be awesome.

Obafemi Martins - community 8.56, Dave 10 (Man of Match)
I don't know what more people wanted to see. Yes, that's repetitive. Oba's defense was strong, his hold-up play good and he integrates so well with Clint. Overall the SaH community thinks they can see better. I hope Oba reads this and snaps his tablet with his thighs and then crushes the Earthquakes just to prove you all wrong, or is that right?

None got a significant run. None had more than a 50% response rate.

Andy Rose - community 5.79 (46%), Dave INC

Aaron Kovar - community 5.76 (15%), Dave INC

Cristian Roldan - community 7.10 (11%), Dave INC - some of you are funny

Best non-Sounder
This may be a stupid thing to do when a local is in the options. Kelyn Rowe dominated the selections.

Juan Guzman - community 6.74, Dave 7
After only giving a seven I am now left wondering, why so low? He called a fine match. Here's the least fancy chart you've ever seen.

Guzman Revs Sounders ratings

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