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Major Link Soccer: Yankees don't want New York City FC soccer in the 'Cathedral of Baseball'

Ozzie is streamlined for action, we get an update on Sounders Community Trust, the illuminati are everywhere.

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If you missed it, Starfire is getting a makeover, and it's getting easier to get down there for the multitude of Sounders-related matches that will be played in Tukwila this year.

The view from the March to the Match will have a new addition, as Weyerhaeuser builds a glassy new Seattle headquarters just off Occidental Park. The seven-story building is the first new office construction in Pioneer Square for about eight years.

The Sounders Community Trust is either a really cool idea or a farcical conspiracy, depending on who you ask (don't ask that second group anything, though, they tend to bite). But seriously, much of the criticism early on has been about how the details of ownership will work and what will be the relationship to the club. Well, Paul Cox has some details and a general update on the process of creating the legal entity of SCT here.

Also, Ozzie is being optimized aerodynamically for somewhat-imminent deployment (also doing something to help a good cause):

Major League Soccer

Here are some impressive numbers: New York City FC has surpassed 15,000 season ticket holders, and the club says more than 60 percent of those are purchasing their first season tickets in any sport. I don't know how that percentage compares to other MLS clubs, but it points to a team that's capturing an underserved audience in NYC proper.

Meanwhile, certain Yankees aren't excited that NYCFC will be running willy-nilly across their storied field, and Jason Kreis gives the smart answer, rather than trying to argue with athletes about what surface is best for their sport.

MLS is constantly evolving, expanding, and is in the midst of a major rebrand, while going after some of the most valuable marketing demographics. And when you step back and look at the big picture, you have to say they are doing a very good job of it. For a detailed look in case study format from a digital marketing firm, check this out.

If you missed this, read it. It will shock you and open your eyes to what's really going on in Major League "Illuminati". And, it's getting even worse. You guessed it: It involves Lamar Hunt.

Unfortunately former New England Revolution defender A.J. Soares has picked up a knee injury at practice with Viking FK in Norway, and will miss 6-8 weeks. We're also hearing his viking helmet has been revoked until he's cleared to play again.

On to expansion news, there appears to be a frontrunner in the competition for a Minnesota MLS expansion team. Current NASL club Minnesota United FC along with the ownership of the Twins and Timberwolves have plans to move ahead with a downtown Minneapolis stadium and the support of MLS.

US Soccer

"The growing pains of US Soccers dominant supporter's group." Just read it. I learned a lot about the rise of American Outlaws and more.

A conversation with CONCACAF's president about how messed up CONCACAF is.


The former head of Hillsborough police has a startling admission about the awful Hillsborough disaster that killed 96 and injured 766 in 1989.

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