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Brad Evans knows he had a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Brad Evans does not need to watch any film to know what happened on Saturday. The Seattle Sounders captain has it all committed to memory and knows exactly what he did wrong on each of the San Jose Earthquakes' three goals.

Back at Sounders training on Wednesday -- following some time off to attend a memorial for his grandmother, who passed away prior to Saturday's game -- Evans was determined to learn from those mistakes and to never repeat them again as he continues to transition from midfielder to center back.

"Just one of those games," Evans said. "When you make mistakes at center back that's it, it's pretty much game over. That same mistake at midfield is dealt with and you move forward in the game.

"The first one, I was caught between a rock and a hard place. Staying with a man in the box is difficult. If I stay with him and he makes a near-post run, maybe he gets a clear header on goal and he beats me as soon as I turn my head. In that position I thought I had a good space where I thought I could win the header. I knew he was there. The second one, flat out uncharacteristic, flat out my fault, that will never happen again. It's been replaying in my mind for four days straight. The third one, I probably stepped up too high and I slipped and he's in."

Whether the struggles can be chalked up to learning a new position or that he simply a bad game, Evans understands that his performance must improve if he's to remain a starter.

"Mistakes will be made but we'll continue to forge on," Evans said. "I guess it's good that it's out of the way early. But if I'm the coach and those are consistent mistakes that are happening, you have to remove the player. I know that as much as any player does. Maybe there's a better position for me after all, but only time will tell."

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