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Major Link Soccer: Fan violence, protests

Incidents sprang up both in Blackpool and Orlando, which is likely the first and last time these two towns will ever be compared

Glad we could all be grownups about this
Glad we could all be grownups about this
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports


The following link is nothing but clickbait, so acknowledge that by clicking through you're giving the site exactly the reaction is wants. With that warning out of the way, here's a writer for deciding that Kevin Parsemain (out of all the players ever cut in a myriad of sports and leagues) has been especially hard done by the Seattle Sounders cutting him. (Here's hoping Mr. Parsemain finds work elsewhere soon.)

Check out this real sentence from an actual report on Sacramento Republic FC's away support for their 2015 opening match versus Sounders 2:

Republic fans showed up in force for the season opener far from home in Seattle - with its Pikes Place Market, original Starbucks and spectacular skyline.


Again demonstrating the bay area's love for "300," San Jose Earthquakes' 1906 Ultras unveiled a banner before the first ever match at Avaya Stadium featuring a bunch of (you guessed it) sweaty, shirtless men. Here are the top ten ways that their new digs are an improvement over their old college stomping grounds. (Number 11: The close proximity to the airport means you can get out of San Jose faster.)

Members of the New York Red Bulls' largest supporters group originally planned to show up late for the first NYRB home match of 2015. Plans were adjusted and the fans instead spent the first 12 minutes of the 2-0 victory over DC United honoring the long New York career of Mike Petke. Maybe they could have spent those 12 minutes proving to MLSsoccer that the team is not in fact playing hockey.

This was better supporter press than what came out of other parts of the soccer world, including Orlando. During the Vancouver Whitecaps 1-0 road win over Orlando City, fans of the visiting team were reportedly assaulted by Orlando natives. Some reports indicate that the agitators were members of the home supporter's group, though the facts of the incident aren't entirely clear yet.


Things got worse across the pond in a game between Blackpool and Leeds for the right to not get relegated (a very real threat for Blackpool.) With fans eager to see an ownership change and chafed by some Leeds intruders on the home side of the stands, things turned violent.

Meet the Russian stadium possibly destined to become the most expensive in the world, thanks in no small part to being seven years behind schedule.


Think it stinks that services like MLS Direct Kick and NFL Sunday Ticket are all-or-nothing offers where you buy the entire league, instead of the one or two teams you want to follow? That might change soon thanks to a major lawsuit.

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