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Clint Dempsey's injury may not be so bad, after all

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Clint Dempsey is back in Seattle after suffering a hamstring injury during a training session with the United States. That seemed very much like a good news/bad news situation when it first broke. But, maybe, it's just good news:

Earlier in the day, Klinsmann even suggested Dempsey might be ready to face FC Dallas.

That would be quite the stroke of good luck for the Sounders, weird almost. It also calls into question why Klinsmann bothered to call Dempsey up in the first place, even apparently rushing him into a training session within hours of getting off a flight from Seattle to Europe. That Monday training session, probably not coincidentally, was also when Dempsey was hurt.

Assuming this isn't serious, though, maybe it's a no-harm, no-foul situation. Either way, it's good to have Dempsey back.

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