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Victor Mansaray had the night's highlight, again

There are probably a lot of people discouraged by Saturday's 0-0 result against FC Dallas. Sure, it was a tie on the road and a shutout, at that. But the Seattle Sounders played a man up for about 75 minutes and didn't manage to score.

Of course, that was more the product of finishing than creating. Case in point, check out the slick pass from 18-year-old high school senior Victor Mansaray:

mansaray pass

Sure would have been cool if Andy Rose had been able to get on the end of that, but if there's more where that came from we're happy to wait.

If that pass looked oddly familiar, it's because had a similar outside-of-the-boot dish in last week's Sounders 2 match. This kinda looks like it might be his "thing", which works for us.

mansaray assist

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