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Sounders 2 vs. Vancouver Whitecaps 2: So many goals; view them as GIFs

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Two games into the season, and Seattle Sounders 2 are off to a great start. On Sunday afternoon, they earned a 4-0 victory over the Vancouver Whitecaps 2. Darwin Jones bagged a hattrick, scoring all three goals with his left foot, while Andy Craven had one goal and two assists. If you missed the action, here are all the goals as GIFs.

GOAL 1: Darwin Jones scores off a great run and cross from Andy Craven

GOAL 2: Craven with the diving header after Damion Lowe's shot bounces off the post.

GOAL 3: Darwin Jones gets a second goal on a powerful left-footed shot.

GOAL 4: Darwin Jones, punishing a poor clearance, gets his hattrick.