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Sounders v. NE Revolution: Hype Poster

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We're here to pump you up.

Wow, it feels like the Seattle Sounders 2014 season ended just a few weeks ago. Here we are, one day away from our opening match against the New England Revolution, ready to jump into 2015.

While we aren't producing a match-up infographic for the opening game, as we have no 2015 stats to pull from, I'll be back this season creating head-to-head infographics. They're going to look a bit different than last year. We're making them even more visual, adding in league-wide stat comparisons, and factoring in home and away data to give you an even better picture of how each team looks on paper. Below is a little teaser to get you excited.

You might be thinking: I need to get excited for tomorrow, Susie, not for future infographics! Don't worry, I've got you covered with the Sounders vs. Revs poster below. The Clint & Oba show. Air Marshall. Oh my Frei. Pickpocketing Pappa. NeaGOAL.

I'm ready for an awesome season.