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Sounders Player Banners to Start the Season Off Right

Reddit user /u/wunwuncrush (who also happens to be my younger brother) created a small set of Sounders player banners to help start your season off right. The current five made to date feature Evans, Deuce, Alonso and Oba, a fine set for our first game. He has promised to make more, possibly to cover the whole team, as time may permit, so if you have requests you can submit them here in the comments or over on Reddit. Additional tag lines are fun (and easier to do) so those are good suggestions.

Seahawks fans may recall his NFL player banners as well (you can see the variety of designs we could see in black and green). And, of course, the original base design came from /u/noble-6's Game of Thrones banners.

I can confirm that these are especially nice as phone backgrounds (and that's not just the big brother in me talking).

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