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Sounders vs Revolution: Community Player Ratings Form

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

In 2015 Sounder at Heart will again be doing community player ratings. There are a few differences from when Scott was doing them last year (the time beast attacked him, so his contributions are reduced this season).

  1. The scale is still 1-10, with a 6 being an average performance by an average team of average MLS players. That would mean all 6s for a home side would be a narrow 2-1 win. These rankings should take into account that the same ratings system will be used for Sounders 2. Meaning that a six for an S2 player would mean that they performed like an average MLS player.
  2. Four opposing players will be offered up as the best non-Sounders. This will enable us to get a snapshot of performances by other players, and have particular use for S2 matches, since some of those players will wind up in MLS in the future.
  3. You're going to get to rate the referee. SaH's community made it clear they want to do this, so it will be done.
  4. You still won't get to rate the coach. Sorry.
  5. I will reveal my ratings with the results post that goes up about 48 hours after the form goes up.

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