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Sounders vs. LA - Aftermatch Aftermath: Offense in competent

In what ultimately was a dominant performance, the Seattle Sounders ended up losing to their Western Conference rivals LA Galaxy 1-0 in a game whose scoreline was not reflective of the play on the field.

Junihno takes a break from soccering to practice his first love - vigorous jazz hands
Junihno takes a break from soccering to practice his first love - vigorous jazz hands
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I'm kinda bummed over Saturday's Seattle Sounders loss to LA Galaxy. There's just something about losing to that darned team that gets me down. It's possible the reason is that very rarely do the Galaxy outplay Seattle. The two teams, at least when at full strength, appear to be quite evenly matched, so it's frustrating to watch the Sounders lose to the Galaxy when Seattle so clearly outplayed them. Maybe playing too much Mario Kart has made me a pessimist.

If the Galaxy players, staff, and fans weren't so cocky about it too, then perhaps I wouldn't have as much of a problem. But it's a deserved cockiness, one that they use to rub our noses in their successes. Perhaps that's why it was so gratifying to win the Supporters' Shield over them last season, though that hasn't seemed to slow down their troll game.

There aren't a lot of likable guys on their team, except for maybe Jaime Penedo, Omar Gonzalez, and Robbie Rogers. At least there was no Robbie Keane, instead we were greeted by an appearances by former Galaxy player, and father of the DP, David Beckham with some unidentified fan, along with Dan Gargan's right buttcheek.

The cursory results of the game cause a bit of concern with the offense insomuch that the Sounders have failed to score without having both Clint Dempsey and Obafemi Martins on the field together. They've also failed to score on the road. They also have only scored in three of their first five games. They've also only won two of their first five games. But it's not all doom and gloom, my friends. Those sentences were just there to bring you down for the briefest of moments. Remember when Magneto said in Lord of the Rings that the night is darkest before the dawn? That's where we're at right now. After all, the Sounders can't play against Penedo every game.

If we use recent history as an example, the last time the Sounders lost the first matchup versus the Galaxy, Seattle went on to win the Supporters Shield. So it's obvious that's going to happen again. Some naysayer might say, "But that means LA will win the MLS Cup again, since they win it every time the Sounders win the Shield." No, that's not true, since the MLS Cup playoffs are a crapshoot, as we're all aware, so there's no point in predicting it.

You know what's cool though? The Sounders held the Galaxy scoreless from the run of play with a midfield that consisted of Osvaldo Alonso (29), Marco Pappa (27), Andy Rose (25), Aaron Kovar (21), Christian Roldan (19) and Victor Mansaray (18). Oh, those little numbers next to each player's name? Yeah, that's their age. As the season progresses, these outlier performances (the 10 shots on goals with no goals) will even themselves out, these young Sounders will be further integrated in the squad, and we'll see performances like Saturday's turn into victories with regularity.

By this time next year, perhaps the LA Galaxy will be meekly tucking their tails between their legs as Seattle hands out mock MLS Cup Champions rings, while failing to put up banners on national television. We got this.

Gifs? Gifs!

This is the first real heavyweight match of the season.

A game against LA without Dempsey and Keane?

Goodness, this attack is looking pretty potent.

We got this, we can contain the Galaxy.

Okay, Sounders, we can rebound from that.

We need to find some way to neutralize Alan Gordon.

Neagle has got to make one of those shots eventually.

Is there any way we can go back and finish some of these chances?

Wait, did they just show Gargan's butt?

At least I had the SaH watch partygoers to comfort me after the loss.

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