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Major Link Soccer - Totes Serious Edition

Purple grass and yellow balls

This must be that new turf everybody has been asking for
This must be that new turf everybody has been asking for


You probably saw yesterday that the long-lost Kenny Cooper might be on his way to Montreal. Confirmation is still pending, but Garth Lagerway is set to have a press conference some time today that will hopefully shine some light on the situation.

The story on the Abby Wambach/Sydney Leroux trade is continuing to develop. The Seattle Times has several interesting details, such as the fact that it's all Dom Dwyer's fault.

Also on Seattle Times is a poll asking which Seattle team is likely to win their respective championship first, the Sounders or the Mariners. If you just woke up from a 14 year coma, the current results may surprise you.

Seattle Sounders FC 2 (S2) represents the club's return to the USL. caught up with some players from the original USL team to get their feelings on S2.

Totally Serious MLS News (Not April Fools at all!)

Speaking of Boise*, Orlando City has taken inspiration from Boise State and will be updating the Citrus Bowl with purple grass. Personally, I think that camouflage is easier if you just wear green.

It's not clear who will actually be playing on this scientific monstrosity if the recent Toronto trade rumors are true.

In a shocking disciplinary decision, The New England Revolution were docked 3 points for violating league protocol by using a yellow ball and lines in their recent match in the snow.

Despite a 2-1 loss to Vancouver last weekend, Caleb Porter believes that the Portland Timbers had one of their "most dominant performances."

MLS and American Soccer continue to grow their international influence. La Ligue 1 is the latest league to jump on the US viewership gravy train and is attempting to Americanize their league with a new set of crests.

In more light-hearted news, The Philadelphia Union played a small prank on their players by introducing some Asgardian technique to their training regimen.

Other MLS News

The San Jose Earthquake's Innocent Emeghara is reportedly pulling a Madonna (Or is it an Ichiro?)

Is Yankee Stadium too small for soccer? Kansas City coach Peter Vermes claims that the pitch is only 68x106 yards. That's two yards short of the FIFA minimum width.

The Chicago-Philadelphia match on Sunday unfortunately represented a new low in ESPN2 viewership. 152,000 viewers is less than half of the ESPN2 average.

The New England Revolution are doubling down on their promise to deliver a soccer specific stadium separate from Boston's Olympic bid planning.

Steven Gerrard is reportedly going to join the LA Galaxy this summer, that isn't really news. It is news that he may be moving into the former house of a real housewife.


The US Men's national team managed to pull out a draw against Switzerland, but there is no getting around the fact that they have been struggling. has summed up their late game collapses.

Is Jurgen Klinsmann putting too much blame on the players for these failures? Is it just a matter of us not understanding the European player mindset?

The Mexican National Team also played last weekend in Kansas City, and apparently some fans got a bit out of hand.

*I always assume that you were recently speaking of Boise.

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