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Expect extra punishment from MLS Disciplinary Committee

Marcelo Sarvas, Chad Marshall may both be getting suspensions.

Some time later today, the MLS Disciplinary will likely be handing down some suspensions and it looks as though there could be as many as two from Saturday's Seattle Sounders-Colorado Rapids match.

One looks to be an absolute no-brainer, even though Simon Borg figures out a way to create some gray area in the video above. Marcelo Sarvas clearly stomps on Clint Dempsey's groin, which was actually the second time the Rapids midfielder had lashed out. Borg points out that Sarvas may have been a little lucky not to see a card for kicking the ball at Dempsey's head earlier in the match, but the stomp should be an open-and-shut case. Although Borg -- apparently hearing from Rapids fans -- attempts to suggest that Dempsey was holding onto Sarvas' leg, this gif clearly illustrates what actually happened.


If Dempsey grabbed Sarvas' leg, it's pretty clearly after he had already been stomped. To ask Dempsey to share any of the blame seems absolutely bonkers. Sarvas should receive at least two games -- the same number Dempsey got for his "cup check" against Toronto FC last year -- and could get a few more as this was pretty violent.

The other incident highlighted by Borg may be of more keen interest to Sounders fans, though. Chad Marshall got away with just a yellow for this first-half tackle, but replays show he came in high with his studs showing.


This is not nearly as "brutal" as Borg makes it out to be, though. For one, Marshall is clearly making a play on the ball and may even get a touch to it. It also looks as though Marshall was more trying to trip Vincente Sanchez in order to break up the play -- as opposed to trying to take out his shin. Still, I wouldn't be entirely shocking if the Sounders had to play without their top defender on Sunday against the Portland Timbers.

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