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Seahawks schedule may have ramifications for Sounders

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

For most Seattle Sounders FC fans, the release of the Seattle Seahawks schedule is a moment of dread. The worry in the back of the mind is: will there be lines? Or slightly better just logos? Or will there be a move to a different night? The NFL schedule release does not answer those questions, but it gives some clear indications. One game is almost certain to move and the MLS Cup Playoffs could be an issue, again.

On October 4th, the Sounders host the LA Galaxy on FS1. It's a 6:30 PM game. The very next day, the Seahawks host the Detroit Lions for Monday Night Football on ESPN. For both leagues those are important national TV matches. For MLS, it will probably be one of the biggest games of the year.

Fox, MLS, ESPN, the Seahawks, the Sounders and First & Goal (operator of CenturyLink Field) must be talking now. The final result, which doesn't need to be decided for some time, will likely be that the match moves to Saturday night, depending on FS1's schedule.

There are also issues with the MLS Cup Playoffs. While that schedule is not yet out, the Play-In Round is likely to be midweek on October 28th with the Conference Semifinals on Friday, October 30th to November 1st for leg one. Leg two would be a week later (6-8 November). The Seahawks are away and then have their bye week. That's great news for Sounders fans and MLS executives. There will be no need to schedule around the NFL or have lines/logos on the field.

The Western Conference Finals will have issues. Leg one of that would be on the 13th to 15th of November (up against a FIFA date, so maybe MLS takes that weekend off). Seattle's Seahawks are home against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday Night Football (NBC). If Seattle were to host that leg, and if MLS decides to play that weekend, expect a Friday night match on Univision.

Leg Two (again, without a break for National Team play) would likely be on the 20th to the 22nd. The San Francisco 49ers come to Seattle for a game on Fox at 1:25 PM for the 'Hawks and their rival. Again, the solution if Seattle plays is a Friday game on the Uni properties.

If MLS Cup plays immediately, or the league delays the Conference Finals for the National Team, the Sounders would play on Thanksgiving Weekend. Again, the Seahawks are at home, this time with a CBS match as they host the Pittsburgh Steelers at 1:25 PM.

There are a few ways where the Rave Green host the MLS Cup Final (or the Western Conference Final) over those next two weeks. No odd scheduling would be needed. Their co-tenants are on the road so MLS could put their marquee event on the date of their choosing.

Good news - there's almost certainly not going to be NFL lines or logos on the field.
Bad (?) news - there could be a month of Friday Night Futbol for Seattle Sounders FC.

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