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Obafemi Martins destroys competition in Goal of the Week voting

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Martins got 64 percent of the vote.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Obafemi Martins pulled off one of the most impressive first-touches you will ever see on Saturday. Taking a 40-yard pass on the fly, tapping it behind your back, in front of a defender and doing it all without losing your stride is basically impossible. Martins made the left-footed finish look easy.

MLS fans did the only thing they could: They voted overwhelmingly to give him Goal of the Week. Martins' goal garnered 64 percent of the vote, most of which probably wasn't even cast by Sounders fans.

The second-place vote getter was Giovinco, who had a pretty nice free kick. He got 14 percent of the vote. Lamar Neagle, who also had a pretty sweet goal, got about 7 percent of the vote.

This was the second time a Sounder has won Goal of the Week this year, with Martins joining Clint Dempsey's "teamwork" goal from Week 1. You can expect more.