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This Week in Sounders Gifs: Dempsey the Timbers Tormentor (Animated)

Clint Dempsey provided the goal, the smelling salts, and three points from the Timbers in the first Cascadia match this season.

You are encouraged to play the Benny Hill song in the background.

Seattle Sounders FC defeated the Portland Timbers 1-0 in what was probably not high on the "Instant Cacasdia Classics" list.

In this gif, I breakdown Portland's main game strategy which I dub "Porter Tennis":

SSFC vs PDX 042615 - porterball

(Gif shortened for time constraints and sleepiness factor.)

Here is where I make a joke about a Seattle sports team getting all the way within a yard of the goal and being able to punch it in for the score. Too soon?

SSFC vs PDX 042615 - dempsey goal view 1

My favorite part of that gif is how basically 6 defenders are all focused on the ball and Dempsey.

Secondary angle. Great run by Rose too:

SSFC vs PDX 042615 - dempsey goal view 2

Things I learned: an anagram of Clint Dempsey is "Spliced my net." Anyhoo.... Portland GK Adam Kwarasey will probably relive this as much as when Clint scored against him the World Cup.

SSFC vs PDX 042615 - kwarasey fumble

Clint breaks out the smelling salts:

SSFC vs PDX 042615 - dempsey celebration a

SSFC vs PDX 042615 - dempsey celebration b

Stefan Frei had to make a few nervy saves. He was solid as the Swiss Alps (I'm here all week):

SSFC vs PDX 042615 - frei save chara

I've watched this multiple times and I'm convinced he does get fingertips on it:

SSFC vs PDX 042615 - frei save adi

The Dempsey train was at full steam on this night. Love seeing the hustle:

SSFC vs PDX 042615 - dempsey choo choo

Lamar Neagle continues getting good looks. More goals will come:

SSFC vs PDX 042615 - neagle shot 1

SSFC vs PDX 042615 - neagle shot 2

Our defense had a pretty solid evening. Zach Scott and Brad Evans pretty much had it on lock down in the center of the defense, both even showing the ability to out leap 9-foot tall* Fernando Adi for headers:

SSFC vs PDX 042615 - zach scott hops

SSFC vs PDX 042615 - brad evans air

(*not actually 9 feet tall)

Pappa shows us a magic trick:

SSFC vs PDX 042615 - pappa nutmeg

Sounders owner Drew Carey is feeling the ECS vibe:

SSFC vs PDX 042615 - drew carey hopping

Obafemi Martins shows world class camera bombing technique:

Oba interview bomb

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