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Major Link Soccer: Goodbye Kenny Cooper, hello Dynamo

Sporting KC stars in another commercial, teams doing good deeds, and a Toronto fan wishes many moments of the team's history were April Fool's jokes.

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Mike Russell / Sounder at Heart


At this point you probably know that Kenny Cooper is no longer a Sounder. There remains the possibility that he ends up in Montreal. The mechanism by which he may move to another MLS team, however, has league watchers scratching their heads. More on that here.

Don't miss our own Dave Clark talking Sounders on the Two Solitudes podcast from the 24th Minute Toronto FC blog.

Why anyone announces anything on April 1 that is not a joke is beyond me, but SafeCo Field will soon feature some sort of holographic projection of Mariners Moose that responds to your actions while you consume your Pepsi products. That's cool, but I'm holding out for a holographic Obafemi Martins at CenturyLink who will do backflips and then jog over to me and pose for a picture with his signature grin.

Definitely take a moment out of your day to appreciate these retro-styled trading cards featuring the current Sounders roster, by Likkit P, if you haven't yet. Here's a sneak peak.

Retro-inspired Sounders player cards for the 2015 season

Major League Soccer

Prepare to cringe yourself into another dimension as you witness the latest goofy commercial featuring Sporting Kansas City players. This time, they play foil to a guy who is really excited to have his SKC-branded credit card from a local credit union.

Speaking of Sporting, over at the Brotherly Game we see the lamentations of a Union fan who truly hates SKC, then self-consciously admits that hatred in part stems from jealousy.

River Plate forward Cristian Techera headed to the Vancouver Whitecaps? [Spanish]

As Minnesota United FC prepares to enter MLS, they continue to be a strong team in the NASL - but will they win this year's spring championship?

You can stop worrying about April Fool's pranks for another year, but Waking the Red has some wishful thinking about moments in Toronto FC's history they wish had been jokes. There's plenty of material there to work with.

New York Red Bulls GM Marc de Grandpre has a 7-year-old daughter who is on the autism spectrum, and loves the team, even if it's hard for her to handle the stadium experience. Now the Red Bulls are doing a big push for Autism Awareness Month, including changing lighting colors in the stadium, apparel, etc.

Freddy Adu

Adu has found his way to Finland, and he's still not Pele. Also, he claims he hasn't been paid for his last gig in Serbia.


There have been early talks about bringing a Chicago team into the NASL.

The San Antonio Scorpions have come through for the young athlete with Down's syndrome and autism who was made to stop wearing a varsity jacket. Michael Kelly will sign with the Scorpions and sit on the bench for an upcoming match.

Drew Carey laughs it off as his onstage assistant accidentally gives away a car. I feel like he should be wearing a Sounders scarf in every episode, though, right?

Gif of the day - You can't card me if you can't catch me! [big gif - link to HTML5 video version]

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