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This Week in Sounders Gifs: The one where Oba spins and then Oba flips. (Animated)

A Dempsey and Martins (almost) "Drift", an Oba goal and flip, and the return of Osvaldo Alonso: The gif-worthy moments from Seattle Sounders FC vs Houston Dynamo.

A little Oba hop scotch, flip, and happy hops.

Having Xbox as the team sponsor seems rather appropriate with some of the moves Obafemi Martins was pulling out during the game. Now to just figure out what button combination it is to do that Oba Spin.

Stefan Frei gets a stomped on foot for his efforts:

SSFC vs HOU 4/4/15 - Frei stepped on

Dylan Remick had a strong performance highlighted by this smart decision to retreat and keep Houston's counter-attack in front of him. Effectively kills off their quick chance (watch bottom right):

SSFC vs HOU 4/415 - Remick good d on counterattack

The Dempsey-Martins "Drift" was almost in full sync early:

SSFC vs HOU 4/4/15 - almost drift

OBA GOAL! A nice interception and nifty pass to Clint Dempsey by Lamar Neagle leads to some straight up wizard stuff from Obafemi Martins:

SSFC vs HOU 4/415 - Oba goal

10/10 OBA FLIP:

SSFC vs HOU 4/4/15 - Oba flip

Gonzalo Pineda red card. Looks pretty straightforward:

SSFC vs HOU 4/415 - Pineda red

Brad Evans had a very solid performance at CB especially in the last 20 minutes when we were trying to see out this game. A textbook play here:

SSFC vs HOU 4/4/15 - Brad Evans textbook d

Osvaldo Alonso is back! A first game where his first few touches looked a little slow, Ozzie just brings something to the game  that is hard to quantify. This play may result in a goal if not for Tyler "Save of Week Every Week" Deric:

SSFC vs HOU 4/4/15 - alonso chance a

One more time:

SSFC vs HOU 4/4/15 - alonso chance b

Look at Deric's left boot:

SSFC vs HOU 4/4/15 - alonso chance c

To me this Oba chance put a little bit of hesitancy into Houston. He just about beats 5 defenders to seal the win in a very FIFA 15 video game-esque style:

SSFC vs HOU 4/4/15 - oba chance

Sigi Schmid gives Ozzie a well-deserved hug:

SSFC vs HOU 4/4/15 - alonso hugs

Gyrate away, Leonardo Gonzalez:

SSFC vs HOU 4/4/15 - Leo hip gyration


SSFC vs HOU 4/415 - Tye Mears waves

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