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Major Link Soccer: Zlatan Zlatans U.S. entry visa

Also read about forced marathons in Qatar to start your week off right

Ready to Zlatan like he's never Zlatan'd before
Ready to Zlatan like he's never Zlatan'd before
Mike Hewitt/Getty Images


In preparation for Saturday's game, Dynamo Theory put together a list of places in Seattle where visiting Houston Dynamo supporters SHOULDN'T go. Said list did not include "under the viaduct."

Top Drawer Soccer has the Sounders U18 team at ninth in the nation.

Acquiring Kenny Cooper would make sense for many teams, not the least of which are two from Texas.


Zlatan Zlatan Zlatan Zlatan Zlatan Zlatan Zlatan. The visa would allow the Swedish forward (kind of sounds like Swedish fish) to live (and presumably play) in the United States for the long term. Rumors have circulated for some time about the possibility of the icon coming to play in MLS after his contract with Paris St. Germain ends next season.

As much as many of us neutral observers wish Red Bull would sell their stake in a certain East Coast soccer club, it appears the corporation is extending their soccer reach before shrinking it. Leeds United is the newest club at threat of a good goring.

On the backs of two heart-rending losses, fans of Orlando City are beginning to get a little fidgety in their wait for win number one.

On the other hand, Vancouver Whitecaps supporters are so happy with their current standings situations that they are resorting to memes to express their pleasure.

Caleb Porter might not have asked Oscar Pareja to try and give him a used tissue after Portland's 3-1 victory over FC Dallas, but it sure seems like an awful lot of coaches take the time to antagonize the guy. Perhaps they're all just jealous of all the options Porter has to get coffee delivered via bike.

Maybe this wasn't the best weekend for a Philadelphia Union fan to get vocal about how much they dislike Sporting KC. Can't imagine their hate has lessened after KC KC'd themselves. Or after viewing their new credit card commercial.

Soccer Metrics takes a look at the efficiency of MLS front offices, and finds that some are better than others. The graph for Toronto FC is a perfect visual for their club tragectory (sic.)

Two home games in, NYCFC's supporters groups are already having difficulty getting along.

BuschFace returns:


The Portland Thorns are set to release a new kit today, with all sorts of fancy thorny nods which Merritt Paulson was presumably not involved in. That first link also includes images of the other new NWSL kits for 2015.


The Jacksonville Armada set a new attendance record for an NASL match (and possibly for Jacksonville professional sports) after bringing over 16,000 people to see their home opener versus Edmonton FC. Fans went home happy, with a goal 12 seconds into the match (also an NASL record) and a 3-1 victory. My stats guy failed to find the previous NASL attendance record, so if you find that number (or him; it has been two days and we are worried) please leave a comment below.


In "I'm-surprised-to-find-that-Qatar-is-treating-their-migrant-workers-poorly-WEEKLY," March saw stadium constructors in the 2022 World Cup host country forced to run marathons (in some cases without shoes or water)in the desert sun. On top of all the obvious deplorable human rights violations present, who would feel safe walking into a stadium built by abused, exhausted workers?

Things weren't a ton better in Turkeywhere armed gunmen attacked a bus carrying Club Fenerbahce, critically wounding the driver. The gunmen appear to have been supporters of a rival team.

It has been a terrific weekend for great goals, and this shot from Jermain Defoe might be the best of the bunch.

Managing Madrid has video for each of the five goals Cristiano Ronaldo scored in Real Madrid's 9-1 victory.

Tim Howard is still looking fresh, making diving saves like this one.

At Puebla in Liga MX, Herculez Gomez is trying to save an old club from relegation. He is getting help from an old MLS friend of ours.

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