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This Week In Sounders Gifs: Barrett Border Brace (Animated)

The Seattle Sounders FC went into their match against Vancouver Whitecaps with a definite game plan and they played it to near perfection as Chad Barrett step into the lineup and scored two big goals in the 2-0 victory.

This was no smash-and-grab job -- this was probably the most complete team performance by the Sounders this season. The defense stifled the fast-flying Whitecaps attack while the offense moved the ball around with apparent ease. Many long spells of possession and building off them Seattle scored their two goals. Definitely a fun match to watch.

Brad Evans is not happy with that call:

ssfc vs yvr 051615 - brad disagrees

At least Chad Barrett knows how to cheer B-rad up - score a goal:

ssfc vs yvr 051615 - chad barrett goal 1

Chad is here to entertain you. Are you not entertained?

ssfc vs yvr 051615 - chad barrett goal 1 celebration

Brad had one of his games a CB. Perfect timing and he cuts Manneh off beautifully:

ssfc vs yvr 051615 - brad shuts off manneh

He's feeling it:

ssfc vs yvr 051615 - brad finger wag

Brad did really well in this match with stepping up quickly and stopping dangerous players. Here he pickes Manneh's pocket and denies Morales twice:

ssfc vs yvr 051615 - brad defense

Frei could've knitted a sweater during this match if not for maybe this sterling save on a Pedro Morales volley:

ssfc vs yvr 051615 - stefan frei saves morales

If they ever outlaw pickle juice, Chad Barrett may have to retire. Until then he'll just score big goals:

ssfc vs yvr 051615 - chad barrett goal 2

The Vancouver game feed did a terrible job tracking the long Seattle build ups as they kept cutting away to show things not interesting to Seattle fans. I did manage to stitch together at least 20 of the passes in the sequence leading to Chad's goal:

ssfc vs yvr 051615 - barrett goal 2 buildup

A big moment for homegrown player Darwin Jones. Poor kid would've had more playing time but the Sounders were doing such a good job taking the steam out of the game he had to wait several minutes until a deadball finally happened:

ssfc vs yvr 051615 - darwin jones debut

Stefan Frei possibly wore a watch during the game and he wanted everyone to know it:

ssfc vs yvr 051615 - Frei checks the time

Even with his minimal time, Darwin Jones still managed a nice run down the channel and almost opened his MLS account:

ssfc vs yvr 051615 - darwin jones first chance

Do we think Osvaldo Alonso had his best game since coming back? He was winning the ball over his territory with pinpoint accuracy:

ssfc vs yvr 051615 - ozzie nice tackle rivero

What makes Ozzie more special than anyone else? Stuff like this:

ssfc vs yvr 051615 - ozzie dribbles it out

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