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Sounders vs. Vancouver - Aftermatch Aftermath: Oba's gift

Saturday brought a game between the Seattle Sounders and Vancouver Whitecaps in a match-up that counts for the Cascadia Cup but also MLS standings. It was a fun game to watch if you're a Sounders fan, but not if you're a Whitecaps fan, since Seattle won 2-0 in BC Place.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday the Seattle Sounders played the Vancouver Whitecaps in Canada in what was the Sounders second clash in the Cascadia Cup. Long story short, Seattle won and Vancouver didn't. When word broke that famed striker Obafemi Martins wouldn't play, given how difficult it'd been to find results in our Canadian neighbors, it was all doom and gloom.

This mindset was further intensified when the lineups broke and Chad Barrett was pegged as Oba's replacement, the very same Chad Barrett some idiot author said he never wanted to see wear a Sounders uniform again. Foolish. Barrett scored two great goals. Sure, they won't win any awards, but they were symptomatic of smart positioning and deft touches.

But does he really deserve the credit? Someone could point to head coach Sigi Schmid and say it was his instructions to have Barrett play between the centerbacks that allowed for the opportunity of both goals. Some would point to Clint Dempsey or Marco Pappa, as they each had excellent assists which broke open the Whitecaps defense and left Barrett with only David Ousted to beat. Others, however, think of something far more likely.




Sources say Oba knew that Barrett would have a great game, scoring a couple goals which would lead Seattle to victory. Tibial contusion? Please. We all knew that phrase was made up when we first saw it make the rounds. "Uh, yeah coach, I can't play, it's a uhh," Oba sees a man named Al wearing a bib over a tie, "Tibial confusion?" Only the last word he muttered and was misheard. So some X-Rays were taken. Some X-Rays were negative. And Chad Barrett gets the start.

Obafemi Martins. Can he see the future? Is he an all-knowing omnipotent being who uses his skills to further the Seattle Sounders and make opposing goalkeepers look foolish? That's what I'd use powers of foresight for, to be honest. Apparently Oba is much of the same. His benevolence and selflessness allowed the Sounders to come away with victory in a match that showed the league that the Sounders can play their game anywhere, against any foe.

Obafemi Martins. He's the hero Seattle not only needs but deserves.


I'm ready for another clash between the two best Cascadian teams.

You didn't think the Sounders could come into their stadium and do what they wanted?

Honeybadger is looking like his old self.

Hmm, I was hearing good things about this Vancouver offense.

Pretty quiet in that stadium after Barrett's second goal.

Those were some nice assists

I gotta admit, this game is pretty riveting TV.

Victory! Everybody celebrate!

Good effort, Vancouver.

Sorry about beating you so soundly at your stadium, Whitecaps.

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