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Sounders vs. Colorado - Aftermatch Aftermath: Rapid Ascent

Seattle Sounders win again, this time against the Colorado Rapids. Are you bored of them winning yet? Me either.

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Do you guys remember that one time the Seattle Sounders beat the Colorado Rapids? "Which time," you'd probably say. To which you'd be absolutely right. But I'm talking about Wednesday's game where Marco Pappa scored the lone goal in a Sounders 1-0 victory, that game, you remember it, right?

Good, I'm glad you remember, because if you didn't remember that game, that'd be bad news for you. Marco Pappa had a fantastic game with a golazo, 3 key passes, and 90.5% passing. Andy Rose, despite his occasional rough first touch, had a fantastic game with 7 aerial duels won and 4 key passes. Cristian Roldan, making only his third career start, acquitted himself nicely and you can read more about him here. But I'll tell you why I'm more excited about the outcome of this game than I normally would be: this is not the same Colorado Rapids team of the past.

With the addition of Kevin Doyle and Luis Solignac these Rapids had a different feel to them. Quickly, let's play a game: I'll name you a famous Colorado Rapids player and you tell me which team he played for. Uhh, Pablo Mastroeni? Yeah, he played for the Rapids and was MLS Best XI in 2001. Good one, but that was a gimme. Okay, next one... hmm... okay yeah. See, that will change.

Solignac had the dubious assignment of being a lone striker against great in the air defenders Brad Evans and Zach Scott. He won 4 aerial duels compared to Evans and Scott's combined 4 aerial duels and allowed for some route one success for the Rapids when building through the middle wasn't working. Kevin Doyle, an adept forward in his own rights, had the Rapids best chance on a whimsical shot from 25 yards out that nearly surprised Stefan Frei. When he's not playing against teams that have Osvaldo Alonso on them, he'll find a lot more success playing behind Solignac.

All I'm really saying is that these aren't your parents' Colorado Rapids. And the Sounders handled them. Pappa's early goal allowed Seattle the opportunity to not press and get out of position defensively. As Jeremiah pointed out, there are lots of reasons to be excited. 302 minute shutout streak. 692 passes at 83% pass accuracy. 70% possession. Top of the Supporter Shield standing. Best PPG in the league.

It's a good time to be a Sounders fan. Sunday brings New York Red Bulls to town, winners of only 1 in their last 6 matches.


Weekday gameday!

What a spectacle of magnificence from Pappa!

He's been able to use his right foot this whole time?!

We got our goal, just need to hold on for victory.

Lots of passes here. Lots of passes.

Goodness, Alonso, assert your dominance much?

He really won't allow anybody to go through his space.

Salazar thought about giving Alonso a red card there, but Ozzie convinced him otherwise.

Just give up, Rapids. Only one team is gonna get points.

We all know how this will end for your Colorado.

It's a win! Well done, Sounders.

It was nice to see the Sounders have this game after the SKC debacle.

I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy this season.

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