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Dylan Remick is Ready

Dylan Remick's strong performance in his 5th straight start of the 2015 season leaves him the presumptive starter at left back for the Seattle Sounders. Compared to his peers, Remick may not yet have fully adapted to the common demands of MLS play, but has played well enough to support his team.

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Dylan Remick is a very different player from Leo Gonzalez. He also isn't Tyson Wahl or Marc Burch - predecessors who tried (and failed) to fully seize the starting role from Seattle's incumbent LB in the name of increased offensive duty. After 5 straight starts, Remick has yet to show the offensive success promised by his pace on the wing and dangerous crossing, but has performed well enough on the defensive side of the ball to receive consistent playing time.


The chart above displays Remick's statistics in comparison to the other 48 starters at fullback positions who have accumulated at least 270 minutes on the season. As has been used previously the "distance" on the x-axis is a measure of role similarity. Unlike the Neagle example linked therein, this measure of distance from Remick utilizes measures of crossing, dribbling and aerial challenges (each divided by overall offensive touches) in addition to passing and defense shares. The 5 metrics were relativized for each player to the maximum value within the dataset, and distance calculated as before.

We should observe that most MLS fullbacks are fairly different from Remick's 2015 numbers so far. His share of team passing is relatively low for the role, and his dribble and aerial challenge rates are also below average. The proximity of Tyrone Mears and Leo Gonzalez on the x-axis demonstrates these low rates are partly a feature of the role for a Sounders fullback. As much as Remick and Mears have contributed overlapping runs to the Seattle attack, the demand for their direct involvement may be less than would be the case for other teams.

Leo Gonzalez has proven he is still capable in 2015 - and will likely prove the same as the season wears on and fixture congestion demands player rotation. But Leo's 2014 performance vs. 2013 illustrates part of Seattle's motivation in giving Remick consistent playing time. Gonzalez took decent care of the ball in 2014, but his tackle success rate and chances created exhibited significant decline. Apart from chance creation, Remick's numbers plot out consistently average to above-average among his MLS peers.

*Raw stats are generated by OPTA and were collected for this work from

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