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Sounders vs. New York City - Aftermatch Aftermath: Adventures in the Big Apple

Sunday brought about the first meeting between Seattle Sounders and New York City FC, a game on a minuscule field that resulted in a 3-1 Sounders victory thanks in part to two goals from Obafemi Martins and one from Clint Dempsey, who are kinda good at what they do.

This must make Marshall famous by association
This must make Marshall famous by association
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

This past Sunday marked the first time Seattle Sounders defenders Brad Evans and Chad Marshall have played a MLS match in New York City, helping their Sounders defeat New York City FC 3-1. In celebrating their first trip to NYC that wasn't located in New Jersey, The Sheriff and Air Marshall decided to take time away from the game to explore the Big Apple, and thus, continuing the adventures of The SAM.

As would be expected, The SAM first went to the memorial at Ground Zero, to pay respect to their fellow officers.


Then they decided to go visit the Statue of Liberty because you're pretty much obligated to see it while you're in New York City.


Following such a monumental viewing, The SAM made their way to Times Square like every other tourist in the city, and while there they met the Naked Cowboy guy.


While there they decided to catch a show on broadway. They were hoping for Mamma Mia, but unfortunately the tickets were all sold out.


Needing some fresh air after being cooped inside, The SAM take a nice walk around Central Park with Deputy Coto.


Though sometimes The SAM has to put off being a tourist and go back to work. Whether it's stopping goals, opposing offenses, or gigantic primates, duty calls.


But with all the fun over, The SAM headed to Yankee Stadium where they played and defeated local Manchester club NYCFC 3-1, because Hail Hydra.


But before heading back to the wild west, The SAM had just one final stop to make.


Notes and shit stuff

  • The Hydra was back and in full force. NYCFC tried to use superior midfield numbers and a small field to stifle the Sounders attack, but through quick (and majestic) passing sequences, Seattle was able to unlock the Expansion side's defense en route to another three goal performance.
  • After his two goal performance, Obafemi Martins leads the league with 6 goals. Clint Dempsey is tied for second with 5 goals, despite only playing in 6 of the Sounders 8 games this season. Dempsey also has 4 assists, while Oba has 2. Drift compatible much?
  • I'd be remiss if I didn't mention David Villa (for the page hits, you see?). The Spanish striker made his return from injury in the second half and was largely shut down by a Sounders defense who just yeah whatever'd the marquee Designated Player.
  • Supersuisse Stefan Frei has an 81% save percentage, which sounds redundant: 81 percent save percentage. Anyway, that's second in the league to Bill Hamid's 83%, though Hamid has only played in 6 games this season.
  • NYCFC were lucky to not have two players receive red cards for persistent infringement, though Kwame Watson-Siriboe did receive his second yellow (which might earn him a two game suspension since he was two away from accumulation and from his resultant red card). Mix Diskerud somehow didn't receive a second yellow despite three transition-tackles being called for fouls after receiving his first card. Petrescu'd.
  • Who knew that a field in Yankee Stadium would be so horrific? Oh, right, everybody did. This NYCFC team could benefit from a spacious field, one they might never get considering New York City real estate.
  • New York had 10 corners in this game and nearly every single one didn't make it past the first Seattle defender, the last of which forced Alexi Lalas to yell in a frustrated rage. I'm pretty sure that's frowned upon in broadcasting.
  • For the first time in a long time (really, it's just because I thought to look it up), Seattle were beat in possession, duels won, tackles, passes, passing percentage, shots, and shots on target. The difference is one team has Oba and Clint while the other doesn't.
  • Fans from NYCFC were throwing things on the field while their team was down 3-1. Fickle New York fans. So far the two new expansion sides, New York and Orlando City SC, have been under performing and though this is the first instance I've heard of New York fans being a bit unruly, OCSC have been marred with controversy.

Gifs and shit stuff

Sounders in actual New York? This could get weird.

I've heard some pretty crazy stuff happens there.

Oh ho, trying to make this game competitive? Sounders can take your best shot!

Hey, Ballouchy, I think me and Tyrone Mears see eye to eye here.

You think you're gonna escape this game with a point, NYCFC? Think again.

Uh, New York, I think you just stirred up a storm called Seattle Sounders.

Damn, Sounders offense is too legit.

You know, Sounders just doing Sounders things.

Even though they fought hard, I think NYCFC are finally accepting their fate.

I love it when Sounders win on the road.

Next up is Columbus, who are probably still mad at me for comparing them to the Sarlacc pit.

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