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Major Link Soccer: Oba is awesome

Mike Russell / Sounder at Heart


Your referee during the Sac Republic-S2 game is Victor Rivas.

Oba is awesome. He's really, really awesome.

Major League Soccer

RSL and LA attempted to play midweek. Lightning got in the way of the start time.

Salt Lake couldn't score and neither could the Galaxy. These teams aren't great right now.

Power rankings are mostly useless, but they can be fun. You know what's more fun? 16 power rankings that declare the Seattle Sounders are awesome. Columbus is 8th. Vancouver is 6th. LA sits at 7 with RSL at 10th. Portland is lucky 13. All kinds of fun in that.

What isn't fun? Being uncool. That's what the Rapids are and their fans need to embrace that.

DC United Stadium at Buzzard Point is still moving forward.

NYCFC fans are trying to figure out their club's identity and look to Sounders for guidance. New York City is going through its first MLS soccerwarz. There's some serious bantz about SuperFund sites.

Home field advantage is weaker in this early season. Some of that might be because Toronto hasn't had a home game and they are better than average on the road.

Wondo's offside goal wasn't offside because of reasons. You see he didn't gain an advantage, according to PRO.

New EnglandDC and LA are adding talent.

US Soccer

A crazy man thinks that Sacramento Republic belong in Liga MX. That's both impatient and insane.

Landon Donovan may be married again.

Other Soccer

Sepp Blatter is more than an emperor in FIFA, he's everything in FIFA.

La Liga and all other Spanish soccer is about to shutdown. There is a disagreement about revenue sharing and television deals and clearly shows that in pro/rel everything is always better.

A new book says that England tried to force a cap on how many black players could be on their National Team.

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