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Sigi Schmid was not very happy with the officiating

The Sounders head coach wasn't happy from the start and it only got worse.

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As time wore down at the end of the Seattle Sounders' first-ever home loss in the U.S. Open Cup, Sigi Schmid took a walk down to the corner flag. If he hadn't, the already crazy game could have gotten even more insane.

"I didn't want to get thrown out, so I just walked away from the bench because I was maybe going to choke a referee," Schmid told reporters after the match. "I figured I'd walk away before I did something stupid."

What exactly was Schmid upset about? Let's count the ways (probably worth reading his full comments as well):

1. Even before kickoff, he was annoyed that U.S. Soccer officials allowed the two teams to play with similar colored shirts. The Sounders, who are the home team, announced their intentions to wear black. The Portland Timbers wore dark green. In response, Schmid opted to change the Sounders into white shirts for the second half. (Of note: The Timbers have three shirts, but all are dark, so this was probably going to end in frustration no matter what.)

2. The Sounders felt a foul should have been called against the Timbers leading up to their first goal, but play was allowed to continue.

3. Brad Evans got his second yellow card for, according to Schmid, trying to dislodge the ball after Jorge Villafana fell on it.

4. The replays are inconclusive, but apparently Rodney Wallace was in a potentially offside position when he scored the eventual game-winning goal. The reason the goal was allowed to stand, at least according the assistant referee allegedly told Schmid, was that Dylan Remick's deflection played Wallace on. If that's really why he was ruled onside -- and, again, the replays aren't clear -- that would be a frustrating thing to be told.

5. Schmid did not think that Azira's red was deserved.

These were all obviously game-changing decisions, and while with the benefit of replay none of them were particularly horrible decisions, you can at least see how -- especially given the fact that the Sounders suffered some awful luck by losing Obafemi Martins to injury just moments after using their third sub -- that Schmid was pretty upset afterward.

But at least, he had some semblance of a sense of humor.

"Caleb at the end of the game last year said it was the worst refereeing performance he'd ever seen," Schmid said. "Well, I think it was topped this year."

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