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Sound your displeasure with your voices

"When it's us, versus them, you can always count on me."

If ever there was a time for a new full stadium chant to echo through the chambers of CenturyLink Field now is that time. No team is a greater symbol of the violence inherent to MLS play. At no time will Seattle Sounders FC supporters be more unified in their feeling oppressed.

There aren't many full stadium songs that have grown out of ECS and the Brougham End. There's the boom-boom-clap during the processional; there is Come on, Seattle; there is the Seattle-Sounders call and repeat. It's a narrow and growing selection.

In an ideal world, in my ideal world, the next songs to go full stadium would be thinks like "Seattle" or "Roll on, Columbia." But today offers something a bit more visceral. It offers us a chance to channel our anger, while helping the team.

It's time to break noise records, in unison.

At some point, and I haven't checked with the Emerald City Supporters leadership, they will sing "Us vs. Them." I implore you, join in. Join with your full voice.

(drum into accompanied by...)
Whoa...Oh...Oh...Hey...Hey...Hey... x4
When it's us versus them,
you can always count on me
When it's us versus them,
it's a Sounders unity

Letter writing campaigns, social campaigns, and internet outrage about officiating may have a long term effect, but they won't help win three points right now. Taking three points, without Clint, Oba, Alonso and after this week's actions by this team (and the referees) would turn that little bit of anger and hate into bliss.

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