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Major Link Soccer: Timbers Week

Atlanta United FC is confirmed, the Chuck Blazer affair is coming to theaters near you, and the Sounders are still number one.

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Seattle Sounders FC may be in a bit of a rough patch personnel-wise, but Timbers Week comes when it comes, and it's gonna be a hot affair in the confines of Providence Park. Lets hope the players can keep their cool. Speaking of temperature and hydration, pdb has some advice for travelers heading south this weekend.

Did you know doing the PA announcing at Sounders home games is just a side gig for James Woollard? Some insight into the guy behind the mic in this interview.

Don't miss Dave Clark's guest appearance on the World Soccer Talk Radio podcast, talking about both the upcoming and the previous Timbers matches.

It's "Rivalry Week," but who really cares about the other rivalries. ESPNFC interviews Timbers Army and ECS leadership about the match and the rivalry (spoiler alert, Sounders win 1-0).

The Sounders cling on to their No. 1 spot in the RSL Soapbox aggregate power rankings, but the gap between Seattle and DC United has narrowed dramatically.

Sounders academy 15/16 and 17/18 squads are not fairing too well at the US Soccer Development Academy Playoffs & Showcase, the teams have yet to win a game between them.

Major League Soccer

How many United's can we have in MLS? Atlanta United FC is the name chosen for the upcoming expansion team. How was it chosen? A survey of 15,000 identified the words "Atlanta," "United," and "Football Club" as being important to the #brand so they put them all together! There might be a little confusion with the other Atlanta United FC, though.

For the other new "United FC" (that would be Minnesota), Don Garber has set a deadline for stadium plans to firm up, quickly.

The San Jose Earthquakes traded Ty Harden for Quincy Amerikwa, who was originally an Earthquakes draft pick.

ESPN is upping the ante on production for NYCFC vs. NY Red Bulls.

American Soccer Now says MLS needs to stop playing silly midseason friendlies.

There are a lot of ambitious USL and NASL teams out there who include "making the jump to MLS" in their stated goals. But should every single city with a soccer team even want to be in the big leagues? Here's an interesting take on that.

Ronaldinho to MLS bla bla bla...;)

FIFA/US Soccer/World CUP

The Exec. Producer of FOX's World Cup coverage prepares for what he calls the network's biggest day of soccer ever.

Abby Wambach received a warning (no suspension) for her (fairly mild) criticism of the referees after the Colombia match.

Here's what FIFA's commitment to women's soccer looks like if you break it down into raw dollar numbers.

The host family program is pretty awesome for USWNT members, and two of them live at Jeff Van Gundy's house.

Yes, the Chuck Blazer story will now be a movie, and Ben Affleck will be a producer.

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