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Major Link Soccer: German RPGs for Saudi World Cup votes

Yep, you read that right. Also, a sponsorless Premier League, Panini leans heavily on the Photoshop for their WWC cards, and will we see a lot more Morris with the Nats? And who to watch today vs. the Netherlands.

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It's about time "To Be a Sounder" got around to Brad Evans in their interview series. The Sounders captain talks about his journey, how he learned to be a captain, and what being a Sounder means.

Will Jordan Morris be a surprise callup for the Gold Cup? He impresses almost every time he's given a chance, Klinsmann seems to be quite interested -- but Sounders fans might selfishly want to see him stay under the radar.

Speaking of young Sounders kickstarting their careers, DeAndre Yedlin is still working his way to playing time with Tottenham, but playing in postseason matches and almost certainly in the Gold Cup are good chances to catch the eye of his coach.

Wondering who is behind the magical paint that allows the staff to convert CenturyLink from a football stadium to a football stadium on short notice? Check out this profile of Eco Chemical.

In 2013, there was a fatal stabbing attack on Sounders fans in Pioneer Square, as I'm sure most remember. The man charged in the attack, Donnell Jackson, will not stand trial, but faces a likely involuntary civil commitment in a psychiatric hospital.

Democracy in Sports: Just some words that require constant redefinition, and the Alliance Council wants to know what you think they should mean.

Here is your inspirational story for the day about an awesome South Whidbey kid who doesn't let near-complete blindness and other disabilities get in the way of playing soccer.


Here's a new level of crazy - Germany allegedly sent a batch of rocket-propelled grenades to Saudi Arabia as a bribe to swing the Arab nation's vote in favor of Germany for the 2006 World Cup (Germany won by one vote).

Jack Warner is a pretty strange character even among the strangeness that is the top level of FIFA. He is using some strong language("football tsunami") about some of the truth bombs he's gonna drop before too long. Although, someone who quoted the Onion with a straight face might have an interesting idea of truth. Also, he's said this all before.

DId FIFA pay Ireland 5 million Euros to drop the issue of the famous Henry handball game? It would certainly seem that way, but Ireland explains it was more of an above-board legal settlement that was reported on FIFA's "books" books.

Is the US soccer community too busy patting itself on the back for being the country that finally took on FIFA to realize we ought to be looking at how Chuck Blazer got away with so much for so long, right here at home?

The Canadians want to leave FIFA (OK, one board member).

England would be happy to take the 2022 World Cup off everyone's hands, no problem! I don't think anyone is surprised. No thanks, Brits, we didn't see your law enforcement SAVING SOCCER FOR EVERYONE.

US Soccer

USA vs. NetherlandsWho to watch on both sides, and what we might learn coming out of this match.

The Women's World Cup is upon us. How will the TV rating stack up? Probably very well compared to last time.

One US team doctor is a firm believer that playing on turf is tougher on players' bodies and increases recovery time, even if the data doesn't necessarily paint that picture.

So Panini makes those World Cup trading card sets, right? And they got a little lazy with their cardmaking for the Women's version. Come on guys.

BBC News is spreading the word that the idea of Americans ignoring soccer is a myth at this point.


Barclay's Premier League is no more, after next season. The English top flight is going naming-sponsorless, at least temporarily.

The Yemeni national squad had to take essentially a back-door refugee route out of their home country to make a qualifying match in North Korea, as Saudi Arabia continues to attack the country with German RPGs airstrikes.

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