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Major Link Soccer: Threats to 2018, 2022 World Cups

At least one FIFA official is calling the viability of the two international tournaments into question

nah nah nah, I'm not listening!
nah nah nah, I'm not listening!
Kristian Dowling/Getty Images


Stephanie Steiner wrote a piece in our fanpost section about the idea of limiting the number of supporters groups members on the alliance council, and why it won't happen (at least not like that.) Another fanpost has the Stefan Frei penalty down as a potentially correct call (though the offside was still bullshit.)

Just as the Women's World Cup begins, Hope Solo's checkered past is back in the limelight. Details of her domestic violence case are being made public, for what hopefully isn't a distraction for our National Team.


DC United is making threats of a move to Virginia, rather than their all-but-approved Buzzard Point location.

LAG Confidential is discovering what the rest of MLS has known for a while; Robbie Keane is a cocky SOB.

US Soccer

The USA U-23s participated in the Toulon tournament and finished as well as they ever have, thanks in no small part to some prominent northwesterners.


Now that Sepp Blatter is a man out of time, FIFA officials seem to have put the Russia and Qatar World Cupon a clock. Understandable, since with all the corruption scandals coming out (the next story is a terrific example) reversing course is one of the only ways left for them to recover some face. Russia isn't a big proponent of this commotion.

As if you needed a reason to watch the Women's World Cup, here's a fun drinking game.

We've been getting pictures of how past World Cups were awarded, and they aren't particularly flattering. For example, Germany won their 2006 event in part thanks to the rocket grenades they sent to Saudi Arabia.

Yemen's National Team couldn't fly directly to their match with North Korea due to the unstable nature of their country, so they took a boat to Djibouti instead. Yemen football team flees war by boat to make World Cup 2018 qualifier with North Korea

The only positive connotation for FIFA that doesn't sound like another four-letter word is in the video game sphere. That game has the NBA taking notice of the world's most popular sport.

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