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Major Link Soccer: Canyon of Heroes Edition

NFL at StubHub, USMNT Brazil friendly, but mostly Parade!

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The Seattle Sounders FC Alliance Council runs on the time and labor of volunteers, and they need your help. Don't worry, you don't have to bust out your credit card. You just need to nominate yourself to be a member. You know holding elected office is on your bucket list. "The Alliance Council could greatly benefit from people with strong backgrounds in the areas of: finance/money management; project management, event planning, writing, marketing, community outreach, legal: lawyers, legal aids, law clerks; web design/production, video production, content management, and volunteerism."

In generally-meaningless-but-still-hard-to-think-about news, the RSL Soapbox Power Rankings Averages have the Sounders plummeting to fourth place after their long perch at the top, being just beat out for third by none other than the Portland Timbers.

Cartilage Free Captain puts DeAndre Yedlin and his lower back tattoo at number six in their rankings of young prospects for Tottenham Hotspur. Read on for an assessment of where Yedlin is at in his progression in England.

Major League Soccer

NFL in the StubHub center? It could happen. RIP grass.

The familial battle between the Twin Cities rages on: can bigshot Minneapolis still figure out funding for a $120 million soccer-specific stadium on their side of the Mississippi, or will upstart Saint Paul swoop in with their brilliant plan to provide the perfect site in the Midway neighborhood? (Full disclosure, this writer is full-on team Saint Paul, hometown of most of his family)

If you're a bit newer to following MLS, or you are not entirely clear on what the new Targeted Allocation Money is good for, look no further than this explainer. Use it or lose it!

US Soccer - Lets have a parade!

The best parade ever is today. You should watch it.

New York City FC's float will be celebrating the World Cup victory, but also women's soccer in general.

The Red Bulls will be championing girl's youth soccer in the region as well.

There were questions about the USWNT on the path to glory. None of that matters now. Have they navigated successfully into a new dominant era?

US women's soccer is still very wealthy, suburban and white.

How about a woman on the cover of EA's FIFA 16?

The USMNT are the top CONCACAF team in the FIFA world rankings, but fell to No. 37 overall. They just might have a date with Brazil at Gillette Stadium this September.

This is your open thread for any and all soccer news for Friday, July 10!

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