What would happen if the 2009 Sounders played the 2015 Sounders?

Let me throw out 2 rosters, just for fun.

2009--Keller, Hurtado, Ianni, Leo, Riley, Evans, Alonso, Ljungberg, Zakuani, Jaqua, Montero

2015--Frei, Remick, Marshall, Evans, Mears, Pappa, Alonso, Pineda, Neagle, Deuce, Oba

Would 2009 out-physical 2015? Would 2015 completely blow 2009 out with superior decision making, creativity, experience, and attack? What would possession stats look like?

Here's my hidden agenda: I personally think 2015 would absolutely destroy 2009 (as in, 5-1 type of score). What I really want to know [if you agree] is how many other teams in the MLS have improved as much as we have over 6 years? How about in the world? Or if you disagree with my premise, what are your thoughts as to what would happen?

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