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Major Link Soccer: U.S. Soccer on Capitol Hill

Our Federation will need to testify that they knew absolutely nothing about ongoing FIFA corruption.

The future of American politics sits behind Mr. Gulati
The future of American politics sits behind Mr. Gulati
Chris Trotman/Getty Images


One 108-year-old woman became the oldest to ever throw a first pitch at Saturday's Seattle Mariners game. That was a day before Megan Rapinoe became the best.

An interesting question crossed our Fanpost section recently: What would happen if today's roster faced off against the inaugural Sounders? Or to take it to another level, the currently reduced roster?

Turns out that offensive hole isn't easily filled. Even the Sounders FC website is asking for suggestions: "How do you replace Clint Dempsey?"

If not earlier, the drift comparability will return in November with the beginning of filming on Pacific Rim 2.


Everyone was looking forward to Frank Lampard this weekend, but it seems his old body hasn't fully recovered from the rigmarole of the EPL. There was plenty of entertainment to be had in a 4-4 draw with Toronto, however.

The NFL is seriously considering reducing their average attendance by temporarily hosting one or two teams at StubHub Center. Everyone's gonna love that natural grass.


Anyone here like Napoli? Annnnyyone at all? Oh, hey there Rick. There's an opening at The Siren's Song for certain segments of the Italy soccer scene. If you've got the passion and the ability, I'm thinking they'd love to have you on their team.

Mexico could do no better than a draw against a ten-man Guatemala.


Turn your attention to C-SPAN this week as officials from U.S. Soccer head to Capitol Hill to attend a Senate hearing on FIFA corruption. Pro-consumer forces want to know just how much our soccer body knew about FIFA's ongoing "business practices."

Our national heroes got the minor league honors like the New York ticker-tape parade last week, but Friday night they got their REAL gratitude: On stage, with Taylor Swift, in front of thousands of stereotypical Taylor Swift fans.

Fox made a profit of over $40 million at the Women's World Cup this year.

As always, women have to work harder to get the pay or respect of society. It's also true as a female athlete.

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