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Where are the heroes?

So close no matter how far
Couldn't be much more from the heart
Forever trusting who we are
And nothing else matters

Memories are funny things.

oba wonder goal 1b -ssfc vs rapids 04-19-15

The good ones fill our lives with meaning, with context, with clarity.

Sounders vs Galaxy 10/25/14 - shield lift to ECS

While other memories can deceive. The ones that make you believe that you know the truth. Those are the dangerous ones. When you look back on the decisions you've made in your life the one thing you don't want to feel is regret.

I know that you have no control over who you are, what you are.

darwin jones goal

These powers...they're not natural and they're not safe. They cannot be trusted. As far as I see it there's only one solution to that.

The number of DPs in the league is higher than ever before. They're here to save us.
Then where are they?

SSFC vs  RBNY 53115 - refl copter

Do you see any people with powers around here? They're all gone. They're hiding or dead.

SFC vs FCD 061315 - oba spit

Someone doesn't want you to remember.

Something big is coming now.

Obafemi and Clint are in the drift

It doesn't matter how ordinary you think you are. We all have the potential to be heroes.


You ever get the feeling you were meant to do something extraordinary?

SSFC vs COL Rapids 10/05/14 - Lamar Zlatan?

It's coming. And when it does, everything changes.

Sounders vs Tottenham 07/19/14

And nothing else matters

Where are the heroes? They are here, enough of them. They just need to do something extraordinary.

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