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Sounders vs Colorado Rapids: Highlights, Stats, Quotes

Another late loss puts Seattle at 1-5-0 with a negative 7 goal differential since the June 16th debacle in the Open Cup.

Seattle Sounders FC lost when Kevin Doyle scored for the Colorado Rapids. The feckless offense was truly without feck, dying at the waving flag of the assistant referee. The Sounders didn't score in four of the five losses in the summer swoon, three of those were only 1-nil crushings of spirit.

Here's the data. It won't make you feel better.

As always the highlights, stats and quotes are provided by the club.


Seattle Sounders FC 0 - Colorado Rapids 1

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Venue: Baldomero Toledo

Referee: Adam Garner

Assistants: Eduardo Mariscal

Fourth Official: Kevin Terry Jr.

Attendance: 40,403

Weather: Clear and 86 degrees


COL - Kevin Doyle (Jared Watts) 84'


COL - Lucas Pittinari (caution) 12'
SEA - Erik Friberg (caution) 30'
SEA - Tyrone Mears (caution) 71'
COL - Michael Harrington (caution) 79'


Seattle Sounders FC - Troy Perkins; Tyrone Mears, Chad Marshall, Zach Scott - captain, Leo Gonzalez; Osvaldo Alonso, Andy Rose, Erik Friberg (Gonzalo Pineda 59'); Cristian Roldan, Lamar Neagle (Chad Barrett 78'), Thomàs (Marco Pappa 64')

Substitutes not used: Charlie Lyon, Darwin Jones, Jimmy Ockford, Dylan Remick

Total shots: 9 (3 players tied at 2)

Shots on goal: 3 (3 players tied at 1)

Fouls: 9 (Rose/Friberg, 2)

Offside: 5 (Neagle, 3)

Corner-kicks: 6 (Mears, 3)

Saves: 1 (Perkins, 1)

Colorado Rapids - Clint Irwin; James Riley, Drew Moor, Jared Watts, Michael Harrington; Sam Cronin - captain, Lucas Pittinari (Dillon Powers 28'), Marcelo Sarvas; Charles Eloundou (Juan Ramirez 75'), Kevin Doyle, Vicente Sanchez

Substitutes not used: Zac MacMath, Marc Burch, Joseph Greenspan, Marlon Hairston, Nick LaBrocca,

Total shots: 13 (Sanchez, 4)

Shots on goal: 2 (Doyle, 2)

Fouls: 10 (3 players tied at 2)

Offside: 4 (4 players tied at 1)

Corner-kicks: 7 (Sanchez, 6)

Saves: 3 (Irwin, 3)




Opening statement:

"Obviously I am disappointed in the result. I thought we played better than we did last week at Chicago, but the result is the same. If we get a break on the offensive end we can't put it away, and when we make a mistake in the back they bury it, and then it's game over. We've got to find our way out of this funk and obviously today we didn't."

On the grass surface:

"It was hard to play on. You really couldn't necessarily run with the ball, so one of the things we talked about at halftime was trying to play with fewer touches - one, two, three touches, and keep the ball moving. You saw a lot of players slipping and sliding - it was the same for both teams."

On the lineup:

"Obviously we wanted to get [Erik] Friberg in there, and I thought he played well until he ran out of gas. I thought Andy Rose wanted to play more as a midfielder and I thought he did that job well, so I thought we did a better job at controlling the middle of the field this week. [Cristian] Roldan was pushed up to the right wing because I don't think [Chad] Barrett has played well, so we decided to go that way. Neagle had opportunities today but didn't put those away. We tried to mix it up a little bit - we tried to get Leo [Gonzalez] out there, he had been training well and doing well in practice; I know he is very familiar with [Vicente] Sanchez. I don't think any of those changes hurt us - I think all of those guys did alright, but right now we are not doing enough to score goals."

On Erik Friberg's performance:

"He plays the ball a little quicker, is a little more direct. He connects a little further more - he gets in front of Ozzie [Alonso] more so we aren't quite as deep with those two midfielders."

On the substitutions:

"We knew [Gonzalo] Pineda would come in because we knew Friberg wasn't at 90 minutes. We wanted to see how the other guys were doing. We thought Thomàs was sort of slowing down so we thought it was a good opportunity to bring on [Marco] Pappa, but I wanted him to play higher on the left, and we ended up dropping him deeper in the midfield, and that ended up helping us control the ball in the midfield, but we aren't going to score goals there. We need to score goals near their goal. And with Barrett, you always try to hold the last sub a little bit in case a guy gets hurt - Ozzie took a knee in the rear at one point, so we didn't know if that was a hamstring."

On Cristian Roldan:

"I thought Roldan did well. If he had a little more savvy, a little more experience he might have taken those better, but I thought he did a good job of getting behind, getting some crosses, taking people on at the right time. I thought he did a good job."

On the opposing goal:

"The ball got in between the two centerbacks, it bounced up, looked like [Chad] Marshall headed it - him and [Kevin] Doyle started to head it together - the ball fell forward for Doyle. They were a little late closing in...and he finished it well."

On Troy Perkins:

"I think Troy has done well. Obviously the goal was scored, but outside of that there wasn't a lot of difficult things he had to do. He came up with one save to his right early on, but I thought for the most part he wasn't tested that much tonight."


On the opposing goal:

"The ball kind of bounces, and we don't win it. It continues on and [Doyle] is a left-footed player, he goes with his left foot, it falls nicely for him and he buries it."

On getting used to the surface:

"In the first half it was just about getting used to the surface and making sure you're not giving bad balls away, and I think both sides had that episode. I think once we got our footing, I think we had a good control of the game."

On if the surface was an issue:

"I can sit here and complain about it as much as I want, but both teams had to play on it, and it is equal for both."

On how the club can continue to move forward:

"You keep driving, you keep pushing on. You don't sit here and hang your head and say, ‘I should have done this, I should have done that.' Then it gets worse. You've got to take it for what it's worth - it's a loss. It is not the end of the world. We still have points in the bank - we are in a good spot. Like I said to a couple of guys, it's better we are doing it now than come September or October."


On the playing surface:

"Yeah I mean, both teams had to play on that field so it wasn't a disadvantage for anybody. You know, I think if we practiced on it a day before it would have been a lot easier to get a hold of. Obviously you have to wear studs, but it was fine. I wasn't complaining too much about playing on the grass."

On attacking being easier than defending on the playing surface:

"For sure, you just don't know where the player is going to go on defense. So you have to react to it, and when your body is not fully committed to going to one side, you'll slip."

On the confidence of the team when they aren't scoring:

"I think we're playing well, we've created a bit of chances. It's just unfortunate the way our final third has being going for us. I think we get that one or two goals for in one game it will come back for us."

On the veteran influence in the locker room to boost team confidence:

" Yeah, I mean obviously Zach Scott is a guy you want to talk to. He says nothing but positive things about our game. You have to learn from these, especially the young guys have got to listen to the old guys and take in as much as you can from them."

On being more dangerous playing as a forward:

"Yeah definitely. I thought I played well. Obviously I think I should have scored that chance that I had. But that's just the way it goes. You don't score one on one side of the pitch and they get a couple of lucky bounces and they score one. It's about being fortunate and unfortunate."

On his tactical role:

"[I wanted to] take on players, being confident on the ball. I think I showed a bit of that. I think Michael Harrington played well, but I think I got the better of him towards the end of the game."


On the game and returning to Sounders FC after inter:

"It's been a difficult last two months for me with the Sounders and the national team, so we have to move on for sure. [You have a chance] at revenge in soccer, so we have to keep working hard and move on."

On keeping the energy positive during the rough spell:

"There's still so many games with this team. So many competitions, so we have to keep fighting for us. When things aren't going well, you have to focus and keep working hard and see what's going on around you."

On how he felt out there:

"I've been traveling a lot, a lot of games, a lot of bad results. I'm glad I [don't have any] injuries, which is really important for me to keep working with the team. I hope we can continue to be in a good place with the Sounders."


On what the victory means to him:

"Well I think it's the culmination of six months of hard work, right? Coming off two good performances at home. Now we're on the road to a very difficult place, a place we haven't won ever. I think the guys are finally reaping some of the benefits of all the hard work over the first six months of the season. Our mentality is great, attitudes great and it's good to see these guys getting rewarded. "

On the importance of the Rapids' first three-game win streak since 2011:

"Obviously we want to win every game. We know how tough it is to win in this league, we know how tough it is to beat a team like Seattle at their place in front of a great crowd. But I think we've got a bunch of believers in there. We don't have a star. We don't have, you know, big name players. We've got a bunch of guys that believe in one another, believe in themselves, and go out and do a great job and perform a tactical job to a T. Just really proud of the group and the mentality, and everyone fighting hard together, especially in a place like this."

On the incremental improvement of the team:

"Well I think nothing in life happens over night. The analogy I like to use is that you plant a seed and you have to water it. It's not going to be a tree that reaps fruit for a couple of years. I think this is no different. This is a process. It's a relatively new group this year. So we had to start basically at square one in preseason. We've taken our lumps along the way, but none of those losses were in vain. We've learned from it, just the fine details have been improved. And these guys want to work, you know, and I think it's great as a coach to see guys that want to pull in that direction. And even when things aren't going your way, you find a way to fight. It would have been so easy for these guys to lay down halfway through the season after only two wins and say, ‘This is it, I'm done.' But, I'm really proud to be a manger of just solid humans, solid men and men of character."

On Kevin Doyle and his goal:

"Yeah I think once Kevin acclimated to the altitude he's been fantastic for us. His ability to hold up balls and bring his teammates into the game, get into the box, and score goals. I think these first two goals for him are a big weight off his shoulders personally. But for us as a team, it's been tremendous, and it's been what we've been lacking. So Kevin's been fighting hard to get in good physical condition. Even in the last couple of games he's showed some great form and I'm just really excited for how he progresses going forward."

On the playing surface:

"Yeah, I mean the surface was difficult, but the good thing was both teams were playing on it. So for me, it was a non-factor as far as an advantage or disadvantage. But I think what happens with this type of turf is that pieces slide on you. Having played on it before at this stadium, when it doesn't adhere the right way big pieces of sod shift. When it shifts and the field is heavy, you get situations like we had. Early in the game it was obviously difficult. Again everybody was ready to go and I think Dillon Powers came in and did a good job."


On the goal:

"I think [Jared Watts] put a ball up in the air and I managed to hold off the defender and got a good strike on the ball. It was nice that it was right near the end of the game and didn't really give them a chance to get back into it as there was really only four or five minutes left."

On the game:

"It was a long night and difficult conditions for both teams and the pitch at times was like an ice skating ring. It was hard to get a foot in and we both struggled at times. It was a fair enough game and both teams had chances. We took one of the chances and I think this is the first time we have won here. So it is nice to get that win."

On the team showing character:

"Coming here away from home against one of the better teams in the league we need to play well. We need to fight. We need to win and try to win every play. It was three wins now in a row so it has been a few good weeks for us."

On visiting Seattle and the crowd environment:

"Yes every stadium we have played in have had top facilities and top class stadiums. Seattle has a very good crowd and is a very well run club from the looks of it and they do very well every year. This is something for Colorado to aim for. It is a similar situation in that Colorado is a very well run club and trying to build to something like this."


On the win:

"It was huge for us. It was the first win in team history here and we had a clean sheet and a great goal from Kevin. We are going into a break on a little bit of a high and three wins in a row is just great. I can't remember the last time we have done that here at this club. We have a lot of positive momentum going in the right direction and a great team win tonight."

On Kevin Doyle's performance:

"Those are the goals that you pay the good money for. Those are the type of goals you need when you only have one chance or a half a chance. To get that goal was huge for us. I thought we defended very well and the guys in front did a great job limiting opportunities. Seattle is going to have one or two just because they are a good team and playing at home and we expect that. To get that goal at the end was massive for us and it was a great take by Kevin."

On his saves at the beginning of each half:

"I think the very first one was I think Thomàs. I got a good look on that one and was able to get it over the bar. I just kinda had a little bit of a mix up there at the top of the box with Michael [Harrington] and fortunately Neagle just put it right on my feet and I was able to block it. On the road those are the type of saves that you know you are going to try and have to come up with to keep your team in the game."


On playing in Seattle:

"Obviously there is always excitement to play back here in Seattle. The fans the crowd are great. The field was a bit choppy and slippery. So that was unfortunate. I thought the energy of the game for both sides was good. It is a typical game. The crowd was into it. We bent but didn't break. We were fortunate on a few bounces there and we come out with a one nil win."

On keeping spirits up after a bad start:

"I have been in the league a long time - 11 years. I have been on the winning side of it with the Galaxy and New England. I have been on the back end of it with D.C. and Colorado. It is just important for guys to come in and do their bit and compete. To find some enjoyment in it and then go back to their families and love them and then know that when you come in and punch your card for work you want to get something out of it and stay the course. It can be difficult. Trust me, it can be very difficult. I think the staff here has done a good job of keeping our spirits high and then building on the things that we do well."

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