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Major Link Soccer: Funny Money Influx

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Don Garber looks on to see how teams will spend their new allowances.
Don Garber looks on to see how teams will spend their new allowances.
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The Sounders will be without Stefan Frei this Saturday as he heals from the match against DC United, but we have an experienced backup in Troy Perkins who is ready to step up.

Crossfire Premier, one of DeAndre Yedlin's youth clubs, petitioned FIFA on June 29 in an challenge to US Soccer's decision not to provide them the Solidarity Fees that are generally required when young players transfer. US Soccer is now in negotiations with Crossfire Premier, but any payment would be a radical departure from US Soccer's current policy.

The U.S. Men's National Team has officially announced a friendly against Peru on September 4 in Washington DC. Unfortunately for the Sounders, this is not an international break that MLS is respecting. Seattle will be playing in Toronto on September 5th, most likely with some missing players.

I won't tell you who to vote for, but this is just a friendly reminder that today is the last day to vote for Goal of the Week.


I don't think that anyone would argue that MLS has changed the rules more often for the LA Galaxy than they have for any other team, but is that a bad thing?

The official details of the new rule have been released, if you are into reading the precise definitions.

Alternatively, Kevin Mccauley of SB Nation Soccer has broken down how it may affect the league.

Frank Lampard didn't require a special rule to join NYCFC, but he did need about 5 extra months from what was originally promised. Now that he is with the team, he feels it's important not to dwell on his uncomfortable past.

The US Open Cup always contributes to schedule congestion. Chicago, Sporting Kansas City, and the New York Red Bulls will each have an extra midweek game on either July 21 or 22. The New York Red Bulls have found themselves in a particularly uncomfortable position due to the conflicting scheduling of a friendly in their stadium. NYRB will be playing their US Open Cup match on July 21st at 4pm, just 4½ hours before a friendly in the same stadium. This will not be a double-header ticket.

World Cup

You've probably seen the image of Carli Lloyd's midfield goal from inside the net. If you were following the game live online you might have even seen it before the actual photographer who took it with a foot pedal while not looking through the camera.

The Women's World Cup has been over for a full four days, so it's almost time to stop celebrating and to start preparing for the Olympics next year.

Odds and Ends

If rumors are to be believed, then the USL has an unexpected potential problem. How are they going to deal with the Premier League poaching their coaches?

You probably know that Southern California is in a particularly nasty drought. One way that LA is looking to combat this is to replace the grass at city owned soccer fields with artificial turf. I'm sure that everyone will realize that artificial turf is definitively better than the dirt left over when your grass dies due to dehydration, so this will be in no way controversial...

Freddy Adu was in Major Link Soccer just six days ago for scoring his first professional goal since 2012. Fresh off of that success, he has left yet another team and is back on the market.

DeAndre Yedlin may bet an unexpected chance to watch some NFL Football up close with his current team. Tottenham Hotspur have just unveiled a deal with the NFL to host two games a year after their new stadium is constructed.

One year ago yesterday, soccer fans around the world were stunned by 7-1 scoreline when Brazil faced Germany in the World Cup. FourFourTwo looks at what we, and the teams involved, have learned in this time.

As always, this daily Links post is your open thread for July 9, 2015.

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