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Sounders vs. Orlando City - Aftermatch Aftermath: The Hydra Returneth

In what felt like the end to an eternal winter, the Seattle Sounders proved victorious against Orlando City, winning by a score of 4-0. Our old friend, The Hydra, made its triumphant return. There was much rejoicing.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The waking nightmare is over! The Seattle Sounders easily defeated Orlando City 4-0 in a manner that was reminiscent of the days of Hydra. Powered by Obafemi Martins and this summer's new additions, the Sounders put a hurt on an MLS side for what seemed to be the first time in a long time.

As fans we battled through dark times; dark times indeed. It hurt. It was agony. But through it we believed in our team, in days beyond where injuries or call-ups wouldn't hamstring this beautiful team, wouldn't hold them back from the victories they are so capable of achieving. Sunday was a testament to that belief; it was a reward for standing by the team through their worst slump in club history.

Yet the Sounders as a team still isn't at full strength. Whether that says something about Orlando City as a club is hard to determine, as they too have been hampered by injuries. The Lions will have their time in the sun, with a solid team, excellent leadership, and a fan-base second to one, soon we'll see the OCSC purples running rampant over expansion teams like Atlanta or LAFC, bringing us back to a day where we can reminisce about beating them 4-0.

It's a thrilling scare to wonder what the future may have in store for Seattle. Not featured in Sunday's game was Clint Dempsey, Andreas Ivanschitz, Osvaldo Alonso, and Marco Pappa. We know that three of those four players can carry the Sounders on their back any given day, and with what we've heard about Ivanschitz, it would stand to reason he's much of the same. So how will the Sounders look if they improved even further from what they accomplished on Sunday?

Surely the rest of MLS saw what the Sounders did against Orlando (at least the second half, amirite?). Their collective sigh of resignation and exasperated, "We knew it^ couldn't last," could be heard way up here in our isolated Pacific Northwest. Instead of facing lineups with giant killers Lamar Neagle and Chad Barrett, their butts are clenching and quivering in fear with the knowledge that Oba is back, that Clint will be back, and that Nelson Haedo Valdez is willing to take their best shot and come out on top. The Hydra is back.

^It being the Seattle Sounders slump of misfortune.

It's not just the offense that's back though. Look at this quote from Sigi Schmid on Sunday, "After the game, Stefan Frei came up to me and said, ‘Did you see my save?' And I am looking at him perplexed and I said, ‘What save?' And he said, ‘Exactly! I didn't have any to make.'" Roman Torres looked beastly in Rave Green. Paired up with Chad Marshall opposing forwards will be switching to their brown shorts for the remainder of the season. It wasn't just the defenders though, Brad Evans and Erik Friberg didn't allow anything to come through the middle of the field, so by the time Orlando's battered, bruised, and beleaguered attack met the stalwart defenders of Seattle, it was hardly even fair.

Is Sunday's results indicative that the Sounders are back and are ready to reclaim their spot atop the lead? I suppose this next week will find out as they host Olimpia on Wednesday in CCL action and travel to Utah to face RSL on Saturday. This could be a huge 7 days that shapes the rest of this season. It's nice to have started it off with a bang.


Oba's back and he's ready to party!

I've heard stories about Orlando's defense being shaky. Here's to hoping they're true.

My only hope is that this game doesn't extend our misery.

An early Oba goal? I like the looks of this.

Oh, and now a penalty? It's our lucky day!

Let's hope Seattle can double their lead now.

Oh, well, nevermind.

Tally Hall won't be able to save all these shots.

And now a red card? Kinda screwing yourself over there, Orlando.

Valdez! Oh happy days!


Sounders offense is brewing up a storm.

Three goals? Goodness me, it's time to celebrate.

Oba was straight up trolling Orlando with that goal.

And now Thomas gets in on the action. Nice!

A win. A glorious, glorious win.

Nice to see the team back to its old ways.

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