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Orlando City player suspended for taking swing at Erik Friberg

The incident was relatively easy to miss in Sunday's game, but the MLS Disciplinary caught it. Darwin Ceren was fined and suspended one game for taking a swing at Erik Friberg in the 61st minute. Although referee Kevin Stott was nearby and actually showed Ceren a yellow card, the disciplinary committee reasonably concluded further punishment was necessary:

As this would have been Ceren's fifth yellow of the season, he was due to be suspended anyway. Rather than being suspended an additional game, apparently he will remain on four yellows.

Possibly figuring into Stott's decision was that Orlando City was already down a man when the foul occurred. Stott had also already called a penalty against Orlando. Of course, both were well deserved and, as Sounders fans are well aware, already being down a man is not an actual reason for not showing a red card.

This is of little help to the Sounders at this point, but they did win 4-0. So, maybe the extra man up wasn't all that important after all.

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