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Brad Evans give his take on late-game shenanigans

Sounders captain explains why he took the penalty over Gonzalo Pineda and what led up to the post penalty melee.

Photo by Brandon Bleek

Brad Evans can always be relied upon to give an honest accounting of just about any situation. So it was natural that he was the one being asked about all the late-game shenanigans in Wednesday's 2-1 win over CD Olimpia in CONCACAF Champions League group stage play.

The craziness started in the 95th minute when Dylan Remick was tackled from behind at the edge of the penalty box. Gonzalo Pineda originally stepped up to take it, but Brad Evans quickly stepped in. Pineda clearly wasn't thrilled:

Here's how Evans explained it: "We all look on the board [to see] whose mentioned on PK's, and Gonzo [Pineda] and I think [Cristian] Roldan were up there. This past weekend my name was No. 1, and Oba took it [and missed], and it is what it is at that point. So I gave the ball to Gonzo because his name was up there, and then four of our players run over and say, 'Brad you take it. Sigi wants you to take it.'

"So I listen to the coach, and I take it. It's three points, and we advance. It's not meant out of disrespect to Gonzo by any means, I listened to the coach. At this point it is what it is. I'm sure he's mad but I'm going to reach out to him, and hopefully we can come to an agreement that the three points is the best overall outcome."

Of course, that was only the start of the craziness. After Evans took the ball, the Olimpia goalkeeper was apparently hoping to run out the clock and prevent the kick from being taken.

Let's let Evans explain: "In the beginning I put the ball down and the keeper is standing there for a good three minutes, and at that point it becomes the referee's responsibility to push the keeper back on his line so I can take the penalty kick. The referee doesn't say anything; doesn't push the goalkeeper back. More guys come crowd around.

"I put the ball down [and] he touches the ball once so I re-touch the ball. He comes back, I push him and that's when a melee starts. He's talking trash, so I score a PK [in the] 97th minute he's going to hear back. I think we all know the outcome from there."

In case you don't, here's how it looked from right behind the goal:

That appears to be all 22 on-field players, probably a few more and at least the Olimpia head coach all congregating near the end line. It took several more minutes to be cleared before the whistle was finally blown around the 100th minute. Three points all the same.

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