Sounders chasing 21 year old Panamanian?

According to El Siblo, the Sounders are looking to sign soon-to-be 22 year old Pedro Jeanine from San Francisco FC in Panama. He's listed as a CDM on Transfermarkt and looks to be a regular starter since 2012.

International wise, he's earned one full cap with Panama (2014 against Peru) but has recently featured with the U22 at the 2015 Pan-American games in Toronto. He's most likely going to be in the Rio 2016 October qualifying squad when Panama face the Cuba, Canada, and the United States,.

But wait...there's more! He's already been to Seattle! Jeanine was actually on the bench during that comeback win four years ago in the CCL Preliminary Round. He's played both of SFFC's games from this version of the CCL...I suppose that would make him cap locked should he join Seattle sometime in January.

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