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Sounders vs. Vancouver Whitecaps - Aftermatch Aftermath: Ethan Libs

In this Aftermatch Aftermath Ethan's gone. But that's OK. He left me instructions on how to replace him.

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It was cheeky to see the Vancouver Whitecaps win against Seattle Sounders. It was a moist affair that was forlorn, one where both teams looked threatening. It wasn't until Pedro Morales scored in the75th minute that secured the win for Vancouver. But just talking about that one moment does the rest of the game a disservice. The match had plenty to talk about: Pa Kah scoring twice, Dempsey getting a yellow card and Osvaldo Alonso getting injured.

The Kah's second goal changed the complexity of the game and made Seattle adapt, changing their strategy to be more tumescent, playing for the draw instead of the loss. It was a unlucky strategy for sure, one that promoted panicked passing and general malaise. So it was a bit poetic after the Whitecaps scored a third to see Sounders gurgling, struggling from the lack of verve and opportunities.

I'm certain Seattle's forwards will be weary, battle-hardened and about the lack of yachts given on a couple of dishwashers late in the game, situations that could have resulted in some pedigree for the team leading the league. If they had wanted to not be schmucks, they probably should've ripped  more notebooks than their opponents, something they failed to do on this occasion. Their failure to do such resulted in the Sounders being TKOd, sending thousands of forlorn Sounders home, despite the overbearing heat.

But that tactical knife that Morales whipped, my goodness it was a stunning. It seems that Vancouver's defenders are incapable of own-goaling. Every single flip has been an conceding moment, so it shouldn't surprise anybody that Kah's contribution to the flop was just as harsh of a catapult. Adding in the fact that it was a mic drop moment with mere murder to go just further enhances the evisceration that was the game.

For the first time in a few years, the Sounders  will have a full compliment of good forwards and midfielders before their next Rimando against LA Galaxy this coming weekend. Here's to unfollowing a jerk who will miss the net, where the defenders continue to be mediocre. No mad libs allowed.

Yeah, you need gifs. I get it.

Clint Dempsey is BACK!!

mad max greeing

It's our luck day

Get Some Cold Cuts

Kah did wut?

Sad Bag

It's OK. We got Clint Back.

Wait, Kah. The hell are you doing. Stop it.

Bunny Nyah

It's so hot. And they're losing. And I waiting 23 minutes for cider.

darkest timelin

And now P.Morales scores on a set-piece

head shot

And Alonso's injured? That's a kick to both nuts.

Sergio Red

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