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Timbers destroy Sounders in Twitter beef

If only the Reign Twitter account could have come to our rescue...

Today was a good day for the Seattle Sounders. One notable signing, another on the way and perhaps even more. So, of course our little brothers to the south were going to lob some verbal bombs. This was the first salvo, childish but ... fair.

Lots of Sounders fans responded. Lots of people responded. Heck, even Timbers fans were a little embarrassed. The Sounders weren't going to save the Timbers' day by falling for the bait were they? They did.

When Cascadia twitter went to crap

That sound you heard after that tweet landed was the collective groan of a fanbase. To the shock of virtually no one, it was quickly deleted, presumably as much for the poor attempt at banter as the use of actual poop emoticons.

As if it weren't already clear who had won this Twitter beef -- albeit by technical knock out -- the Timbers twisted the knife, just a bit.

The only good reason for the Timbers to delete this tweet -- which references Drake's total annihilation of Meek Mill -- was out of pity.

The real shame here is not that two official Twitter handles were having some good fun, but that the quality was not up to a high enough standard. If only there was a local sports team who was good at this whole Twitter banter thing...

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