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LA Galaxy Scouting Report: Spendin' Money

The Galaxy spend money to solve problems, it has worked before. Not a traditional scouting report just what to watch from each position/player.

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Do you know how to fix problems as a soccer team? Spend a lot of money. Just like many teams around the world, that's how the LA Galaxy fix things. Now it does help that Bruce Arena is a pretty good coach. So today's scouting report is going to be a bit different because, well, my computer crashed that had it and well rewriting and remembering what I wrote seems to be futile.

First, as Likkit has so keenly pointed out to me (many times) the Galaxy's plan will be to score more goals than the Sounders. If you want to know anything more than that, keep reading, if not then have a nice day. Remember to watch S2 tonight against 'Caps 2 and enjoy the game tomorrow.

So you kept reading I see. What would you like to know? Is Gyasi Zardes better with LA than the USMNT? How is Gio Dos Santos going to fit in the squad? Just some words about Donovan Ricketts or Omar Gonzalez? I'll try to answer some of these and more!

Gyasi Zardes- Zardes played most of the Galaxy's CCL game on Wednesday so I don't expect him to contribute more than a substitute appearance. As a sub, it'll be to come on as the extra attacker and play most likely in a Neagle role for LA. He'll line up out wide and bomb forward and play as the second/third attacker. But like when he was at the USMNT, he is expected to defend and he sucks at that. He makes Neagle look like Chad Marshall. For most of the year he deployed at striker next to or instead of Robbie Keane (injured a lot) but as a sub, Alan Gordon will have already done that.

Gio Dos Santos- Who knows???? He could play striker, withdrawn forward, winger, CAM, hell because Bruce Arena doesn't need a good goalie maybe he suits up there. Anyway, he'll be a great attacking player that has a very good chance of tearing apart our Alonso-less midfield. I also think he's not strong enough to deal with body blows he'll get in MLS to start with but since the Sounders don't play the SJ bloody-and-bruise-the-opponent style football, he'll make it out alive. He will make us cringe and cry about our defense most likely but he does not get a goal.

Donovan Ricketts- He sucks. He really does. He is a bad goalie. He is a big guy that is not too mobile. His big frame allows him to make great saves but because he is slow and injury prone will miss a lot of games and let a lot of goals go in. Unfortunately for the Sounders, Galaxy goaltenders tend to show up against us. San Penedo was a better goalie for sure but why pay for better when you can win the Cup with Ricketts (Arena theories).

Omar Gonzalez- He hasn't had a bad MLS season but not great. Same thing with his Gold Cup. He is not playing better than his Non-DP CB counterparts. That being said, he is good in the air and knows how to defend. If we have to play Neagle and Barrett (we won't), he'll have the time of his life. If it is Martins and Deuce or at least one of them (and maybe a sub by the other one) life won't be easy on Omar and (insert partner here).

CB Partner- Leonardo, AJ DeLaGarza, and Tommy Meyer have all played games at CB. They all provide a different kind of partner. Leonardo is bad with the ball at his feet, AJD isn't great in the air, and Tommy Meyer is very mistake prone. No continuity hurt them early on but with Gonzalez in there as the rock it masks some of the issues. Expect a change in CB and GK to hurt the lines organization and leave some holes for Seattle to exploit. If Clintfemi starts, we'll get a couple of goals.

Steven Gerrard- The 3?s covered him alright. The facts are: 1. He is too slow to be box-to-box or a defensive midfielder like Ozzie (he was great when he was younger at it). 2. He is not agile enough (or good at sharing) to be an attacking center mid. If he does that, he has to just be a withdrawn striker because there is no way he is tracking back with the late runner. 3. He can still hit a ball. Shots, passes, crosses, through balls, long balls, you name it and he can still hit it. He is dangerous when he has the ball and will shoot from distance and score. 4. He is likely not going to make big runs to get the ball, he is "retired" after all.

Fullbacks- Robbie Rodgers has held down the left side and Dan Gargan has out right. But yes Dan Gargan is starter... he sucks... The Sounders wingers should take advantage of Rodgers' desire to still be in the midfield and Gargan's lack of ability. Gargan will try to kick players in the ankle probably...He'll give up fouls and then Keane will smirk about it.

Both sides love to hold possession and rank in the top five in the league, Seattle first and LA 5th. Neither side plasters the goal with shots, they wait to shoot and have pretty high conversion percentages and shots on target vs general shots. That being said when playing each other, there is no promise that the teams hold true to that. It is very hard for both sides to hold possession because stats. But expect both sides to be very careful with shots. They'd rather lose the chance than take a bad shot.

Last time out in MLS, at home, the Galaxy got blown out 3-0 by Houston but seeing as they've won multiple games by scoring 4 and 5 goals at home in MLS and just beat Central FC at home 5-1, they like scoring a lot for the home "fans". Turns out Hollywood FC knows that the only way to keep them coming is stars and goals of fame.

Robbie Keane- He gets the last section, why? Save the best for last? No. Because I want to incite anger in you before tomorrow. This schmuck will smirk after diving. Kick out at players. Ensure players and fans hate him by the time the match is done. I'll just have that disliking start now because it'll fuel you to scream at your TV from now until post game and I like that. I don't like him and nor do you, so let's keep it that way.

Sounders win if Clintfemi start. If only Clint does and Oba subs on, we still win. if no Oba, but there is Clint, we draw or lose by a goal. If Valdez plays, we win. There you go. So we'll win the world because the Sounders are awesome. I am optimistic and confident, thank the coffee, and that saying we'll lose sucks.

No lineup today because I really do not want to guess how Arena plays Gio and who is a winger tonight. If you are wondering why Lletget is not in here it is because I don't think he starts and he subs on too.

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