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This Week in Sounders Gifs: Gifts of 3 points are the best (animated)

Style points won't win you the day in a rivalry match and this version of Seattle Sounders versus Portland Timbers was no exception. A couple of timely mistakes by the Timbers and Stefan Frei standing on his head in goal dominate the animated gifs this week.

I enjoyed this display a lot:

sfc vs pdx 083015 - tifo

A good ball over the top to Nelson Valdez starts off the series of events that leads to Obafemi Martins' opening goal:

sfc vs pdx 083015 - oba goal 1

Valdez starts it off with basically a perfect slide tackle. Portland's Fochive helps out by lunging in for the ball and losing out to Oba's strength. Oba then fights through Powell's arm to the chest and when Powell stumbles he actually lunges the ball away from the path of Borchers. Thanks guys!

sfc vs pdx 083015 - oba goal 1 a

Are you sure those weren't fouls? Let's look at "LP's Three (tm)":

1) Gift One: Fochive attempts to poke the ball away by lunging his left leg in front of Oba. Oba has the strength to stay upright and keep the ball rolling.

sfc vs pdx 083015 -

2) Gift Two: Powell also makes the mistake of thinking he is stronger than Oba. A high hand in the chest is no match to Oba's strength and he easily fends this off.

sfc vs pdx 083015 -

3) Gift Three: Powell then stumbles all on his own and his way down, he attempts to slide kick the ball away from Oba. What he ends up doing is touching the ball enough away from Borchers and right into the path of Oba. Thanks buddy.

sfc vs pdx 083015 -

But what about Valdez slide tackle? Wasn't that illegal? Well not really. He did slide and it was from behind - but he never makes contact with Borchers. In fact it looks like he only gets contact with the ball even in his follow through:

sfc vs pdx 083015 - valdez clean slide

Either way, Oba Flip:

sfc vs pdx 083015 - oba flip

Stefan Frei was a monster in this game, saving us on multiple occasions.

Cat-like reflexes:

sfc vs pdx 083015 - frei save 1

You shall not pass, Valeri:

sfc vs pdx 083015 - frei save 2

Good recovery and slide timing by Tyrone Mears, good positioning by Frei:

sfc vs pdx 083015 - frei mears save melano

Penal! Penal! Penal! Without going into detail, just watch the gifs and you can make your own judgement:

sfc vs pdx 083015 - pk call 1

sfc vs pdx 083015 - pk call 2

Brad Evans to the spot again. Hard to argue when he hasn't missed:

sfc vs pdx 083015 - brad pk

That was definitely a group hug we all needed. Just don't mess up the hair, guys:

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