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Let's admire Obafemi Martins ability to let the ball run

Martins' goal against Toronto FC was a perfect example of the thing he does better than anyone else in MLS.

Obafemi Martins is an amazing player. That is well established by now. We admire his ability in front of goal, his ability to make chances out of nothing and, well, his speed. But one thing that sometimes gets overlooked is what he doesn't do: touching the ball when he doesn't need to.

Just check out the goal linked above. It's a great example of the one thing Martins does better than any other player in MLS. The only time he makes a touch is when he's ready to shoot. Otherwise, he's just letting the ball do all the work.

Now, it helps that Clint Dempsey's pass was perfectly weighted. But let's give credit to Martins for recognizing that the longer he waited to touch the ball the more off-balance he made the goalkeeper. It's this kind of stuff that leaves people like Stefan Frei saying things like "For someone like Oba, it's almost better if you don't know what he's capable of because then you just go with your instincts. In training, you think you can narrow down the angle and he's only got one way to go and then he's somehow able to go the other way. I know he's capable of the unthinkable."

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