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Major Link Soccer: Sepp Blatter hit with criminal case in Switzerland

'Suspicion of criminal mismanagement." Also, Michel Platini admits he is the worst. Plus, we continue to mock Robert Earnshaw's field goal attempt.

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The Sounders Alliance Council can't wait to gain the ability to recall Garth Lagerwey. Not really. But getting the rules sorted out for how and when they can call for a vote on the GM is probably a good thing.

The Seattle Sounders are back up to spot number seven in RSL Soapbox's weekly power ranking roundups. After the midseason malaise, the Sounders have seen an eight-point range of rankings, from four to 12. You'd think that would be close to the biggest range, but you'd be incorrect. New England has been everywhere from the heights of number two all the way to the doldrums of 18, for the roller-coaster-iest of campaigns.

Is summiting Mt. Rainier while carrying the Supporters' Shield a bit crazy? Yeah, probably. But Minus the Bear bassist and Sounders fan Cory Murchy did just that (as you may remember) and raised a lot of money in the process. The MLS site talked with him about it.

Here's a nice simple pre-match primer from The Blue Testament before Sporting Kansas City host the Sounders.

More than a third of the NWSL best XI and second-best XI are Seattle Reign players. Yup.

We can't let Robert Earnshaw off that easily. I mean, your ragtag team of young players has given up three unanswered goals, you're a highly experienced veteran, you're standing over a free kick that could start a miraculous comeback to get into a continental competition, and you score a nice high field goal instead between the uprights of the Sounders flame throwers. We weren't the only ones who noticed.

Major League Soccer

NYCFC forward (currently rehabbing from injury) Tony Taylor has taken to crowdfunding to pay for a surgery for his sister, who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

This interactive graphic from Stat Hunting is a very cool way to compare the total salaries and wage distributions between MLS and Italy's Serie A. There's more overlap than you might think.

Speaking of wages, which MLS team is getting the most back for their buck? Well, New York Red Bulls and FC Dallas are killing it on points-per-game with just over $4 million in salary each.

Is the story of MLS missing a "villain?" You know, a Diego-Costa-like character who twirls his moustache and cackles while pulling cheap shots? I would propose that we already have Steven Lenhart, but I heard he stubbed his toe on a bike rack or something.

The US Open Cup Final may be returning to the ESPN networks (ESPN 2) after a 15-year hiatus, or it may not, as the deal isn't finalized.

Atlanta United FC might be the best bet for success in the whole new crop of potential expansion teams (at least they seem to think so).

US Soccer

The CONCACAF Cup between the US and Mexico will be broadcast on more than 200 movie screens nationwide, so grab your tickets and popcorn and cleverly conceal your adult beverages!

DaMarcus Beasley and Fabian Johnson are both back from injury just in time for that match, and they don't look like they have missed a beat on their form - good news for the US fullback situation.

Would a men's college best XI beat the current US U23's lineup? Yes, because Jordan Morris, obviously. He always scores Moar goals, that's just the way it is.

The additional ability to play as as women's national teams is the best thing about the upgrade to FIFA 16.


The Swiss Attorney General has opened criminal proceedings against Sepp Blatter on "suspicion of criminal mismanagement" relating to (among other things) a contract with (surprise, surprise) the Caribbean Football Union.

Meanwhile, UEFA President Michel Platini admits that he "might have" told the US he was going to vote for their 2022 World Cup bid, before changing his mind after meeting with some very rich people.

Blatter has said that FIFA will cooperate fully with investigations, although the fact that they dragged their feet this long before finally releasing suspended official Jerome Valcke's emails tells a different story.

Other things

SBNation has some great communities, and some that go beyond team rivalry. Props to regular SaH commenter pdb for being a big part of this great show of support for a community member in trouble.

Is it stupid to talk about soccer formations, tactics and strategies in ways that coaches and players do not? No, because it's for fans and analysts to better discuss and understand the game.

Many of the top sports agents in the world are soccer agents. It may not shock you to see how much larger a percentage commission these agents make compared to other sports.

Tottenham is ready to host the UK's first NFL franchise in its new stadium, whenever that happens. Please comment below with what this team should be called. The Tottenham Teadrinkers, perhaps? You can do better.

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