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Sounders vs. SKC - Aftermatch Aftermath: A Red Moon Rises

On Sunday the Seattle Sounders had finishing issues, both with goals and winning games. As a result, Sporting Kansas City came back and forced a 1-1 draw. It should've been a win, but alas, regression is a fickle friend.

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When faced with the uncertainty of death, man can do extraordinary things. The summer swoon saw Seattle Sounders seemingly slipping, slowly and slowly. Death loomed. And they were all too aware. The funny thing about a freefall is it's hard to stop yourself. You just have to wait for the fast approaching ground, ready to hit you with a harsh dose of reality. The Sounders survived their freefall, albeit bruised and battered, but they survived.

Or maybe they didn't survive. Instead they died in a maelstrom of carnage and were reborn from the flames. Resurrected into a beast both terrible and cruel, unrelenting in its drive for revenge. We watched as they learned to walk again, neophyte legs moving one after the other in a pattern of chaos. But they found their footing. They hit their stride.

We watched as the Hydra rose from the ashes that heretofore was once thought impossible. We watched as they marauded their way through waves of opposition. Whether it was a devastating massacre that tickled our senses, a macabre series of events that left us wide-eyed and transfixed. It was an unstoppable force and all the immovable objects were laid bare in its wake.

Sunday was a glimpse of the Sounders former mortality. Fatigue and regression looked to knock the risen beast back to the shadows from whence it rose. But it would not do. As the sun continues to rise, so too do the Sounders and their ever marching push toward the top. Soon Galaxies will fall before their might, and lo, perched atop a mountain of their fallen foes, the Sounders will stand reborn, unbent, and victorious.

Hay Fe.


A red moon rises. Blood will be spilled.

Sounders rolling out a very sexy lineup.

Against SKC's lineup we should be able to keep things nice and tidy.

It's a good thing we're familiar with Vermes and his tactics.

The Sounders finishing is just ever so slightly off.

At least we have an Obagoal to make things better.

We might have damned ourselves with that Ozzie sub.

Sporting is trying, don't let them come back!

Stupid Dwyer and his stupid face.

Wait, are you telling me we didn't win against this awful SKC side?

Welp. A draw is disappointing.

Ugh, I hate playing in this stupid stadium. Fuck this place. I'm out.

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