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Chad Marshall injury update: Sounders erring on conservative side

Sounders head coach Sigi Schmid was light on details, says team should be able to make more clear announcements on Friday when they return to training.

Chad Marshall was taken away from Seattle Sounders training on Wednesday. That much we know. The exact nature of the injury -- other than it appears to have had something to do with his head or neck -- is still unknown, but contrary to earlier reports it appears that he was able to move his legs and at least one arm.

Shortly after training ended, Sounders head coach addressed the media (video above). These are the highlights of what he said.

On Marshall's status: "We really don't know, there's nothing I can really say. He fell, hit his head, we're obviously taking all the precautions but at this stage we really don't know. We'll know more later."

Was it a head or neck injury? "We don't know. You're going to err on the side of being conservative in a situation like that, anytime it's a head or a neck. That's what we've done and we'll see."

Did you see the play? "I saw the play, but we'll know more later."

Did you gather the team together? "Wasn't where we gathered the teammates, they just wanted to come over. No one likes to see a teammate hurt."

On letting them go early: "Training was long enough. I don't think we called it off early. We started at 10 and we ended at 11:20, 11:25, maybe even later than that."

On Marshall's history of concussions: "You're always going to be a little bit more conservative and we dealt with it in a very conservative matter and we'll know more later."

Did you see Marshall moving? "We'll know more later. I'm not a doctor so I can't make those analysis, otherwise I'd have a medical degree and I'd be making more money than I have now."

On how they juggle the lineup: "I'm not going to speculate. It's a situation we'll know more about later and we'll address it later."

On message to the team: "That's something we'll talk about. We have a weight session this afternoon and we'll talk more about it on Friday (when the Sounders next train).

Nelson Haedo Valdez left training early: "No problem, he just took a shot in the leg and so we pulled him out as a precaution."

Oniel Fisher also left training early: "Same thing, we'll have to see. He felt something, so we pulled him at that stage and we'll see."

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